To have a school of Mind Management was my greatest mission

And to do it myself, I needed no one’s permission

A place you call home, where your family is real

And supportive, protective they understand how you feel

A school of mind management was my request

And my mission in life is to bring out the best

In all of the angels, God sends my way

I’ll help them to grow out of their chaotic mind maze

School of mind management will be your greatest test

It will awaken the dreams that you put to rest

And at the start of each day, you write down your plans

Because becoming more aware, helps you know where you stand

Set off on each new journey and wear a smile that is real

Your physiology changes and you get to feel a new thrill

Look forward, not backward, think of the future, not the past

Slow down and smell the roses, you go through life much too fast

And at the end of the day write down what you’ve done

See all your accomplishments and new projects you’ve begun

It’s amazing when you focus, your intentions are clear

And each day, you start your journey, with love, not with fear

© Giggles the Poet

August 18, 2018

6:02 pm