Lord, thank you for helping me rebuild my broken mind and finally let go of FEAR




Lord, each day I am blessed by these brave souls in my life
We are all on a journey to eliminate our subconscious strife
I am here to give support to those who need it the most
Because we are all blessed with the spirit of the divine holy ghost

Lord, I’m so thankful and I’m so grateful that we are winning the game
And Lord, now I can show these beautiful angels how to release and reframe
And as they train each day, they are changing their internal dictionary
And as they detoxify their mind and body, they are setting themselves free

Each day through brain training, they change their internal monologue
And removing the chaos and confusion, that caused them a lifetime of brain fog
As we all do our homework we become the new guards of our mind
And the more that we reprogram our brain, the more opportunities we will find

Lord, I thank you for these angels, for these blessings and my for my new voice
And I thank you most for keeping me alive and for giving me a choice
Because as my angels have me smiling and they make me feel so proud
When they gave me permission to help them remove their mental cloud

Of anxiety and depression that followed them on their journey
That took away their successes, leaving them lost and yearning
Lord, you gave me a mission to create a better place for your children
To help them become better leaders, becoming confident women and men

Angels, the future is always changing fast and we must do the same
So, remember when you wake up every morning, what is the price you’re paying
Will you leave your mind in the past or angel will you give me a chance?
Commit to the program because with fear, you’ll learn to create a new dance

Self-development is a lifetime commitment, and you’ll make each dream come true
But my angel each day, the action and progress is left up to you
I have faith you can do this, as I have seen many people grow
So, look at yourself in the mirror angel, and ask yourself, where you want to go?

Because when I see the changes that are happening in the world today
I know with confidence, there’s nothing on this earth that will ever block our way
And when we change it will lead us to glory, to greater faith and success
So, Lord, just keep us breathing daily and we will take care of cleaning up our mess

(c) Giggles the Poet
March 13, 2017
6:37 p.m.

Hello courageous soul, thank you for visiting and reading my poetry.  Please leave me a comment, as I’d like to hear from you, it’s always great to make new friends and share my new world and journey 🙂

Fear can leave us paralyzed, it can cause us to lose out on many things and opportunities because our subconscious is programmed/hardwired from our experiences to throw back doubts that shut us down.  That is all we know.  When you get to understand that you weren’t born with fear, it’s not your character make-up, it’s something learned through experiences, it’s easier to look into the mind and understand where it truly comes from and your consciousness can help you eliminate it completely.

When you feel fear, you can use that as fuel to get you going.  Talk to your mind and tell if you are in charge and what it is telling you, you don’t and won’t believe.  Did you know that your subconscious runs on autopilot without you knowing it?  And that your subconscious will ACCEPT AND BELIEVE anything you tell it.  Fill your subconscious with fear, and that is all it will repeat and know….but fill it with positive information and that is what it will repeat and know.

This time you are in the driver’s seat.  But, you have to train your mind to do that….it needs to shift from one negative thought to a positive thought automatically and that is where brain training with frequency music help you do.

Frequency music is powerful music that helps repair and rebuilds new neural pathways. (please READ the DISCLAIMER BEFORE USING)  The more you LISTEN and work on your thinking, the more new connections you are going to make.  We didn’t have this technology when we were growing up and we didn’t know the life tools that we can learn today.

So, don’t be hard on yourself angel, you no longer need to believe all the negative things your subconscious has hung onto.  You can do anything you put your mind to….and when you do that, you will feel and see a different outcome in every area of your life….

I’ve lived a lifetime of fear and it wasn’t until I retrained my brain with Neuroscience frequency music that I was able to watch it disappear and overtime, you are able to replace the feelings with logic.

There are 4 Rs to understanding fear and negative thinking:

RECOGNIZE –  it’s easier to let things go when you RECOGNIZE where it’s coming from.  Challenge your thinking and if it’s not serving you, let it go.

REFRAME = When you REFRAME, you’re putting into your mind and subconscious a new meaning for that fear, I’ve changed FEAR to FOCUS EMPOWERMENT ACTION AND RESILIENCE.  Reframing gives you the power to see negative thoughts differently

REPROGRAM = Reprogramming your mind involves listening to FREQUENCY MUSIC.  Frequency music is a powerful brain-reprogramming training program, music that uses sounds, layered technology with words that will help you rebuild your brain’s DNA over time.  I  also record music for clients with specific problems, such as anxiety, depression etc.

RELEASE =  Once you This music will help you detoxify both mentally and physically, it’s a program that you listen to daily for 45 minutes, preferably in the morning, as you will start each day with a much calmer mindset and you can set your intentions for that day.

You also use AFFIRMATIONS that I put together for you to record in your own voice and listen to each day to reprogram your internal dictionary.  The more positive information you put into your mind, the easier it is to stop your mind from running on autopilot and you will be in command of your thinking.   And when you get to that point, you are balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually with the universe…..and you will feel empowered building more confidence for when life challenges come your way, you’ll no longer just react, you’ve built up a new method of reacting.

RELEASE = When you follow a program of brain training, you are able to release the negativity that your subconscious has been repeating.  Your body and mind detoxify negativity and your vibrational patterns change, you become one with your mind, heart, and spirit.

I have an arsenal of programs that will help you live the life you only dreamed of.  As a client, these programs are included in your counseling package, along with a multitude of other training, free links to make your life easier and other training programs.  The same stuff I bought to help me get out of medical madness, stop the chemicals and rebuild a new life by my design.

God kept me alive and I believe he leads me everywhere.  And over the last decade, I have become a library of resources and information to help mend the minds of his angels.  I am living proof that the mind and body can repair itself and if my mangled body and mind could, I know, and I believe these resources will do the same for you.

Show the children and their children that the powerhouse God gave them at birth is theirs to totally command.  Give them the tools we didn’t have when we were kids, as you will help them empower themselves communicate better if they are up against bullies, help them choose their paths, without doubts or confusion.  And show them that they too can build their future however they want.

If you need anything specific, please reach out, because I have it to share.

Wishing you all a great life and mind journey, may inspiration find you daily  🙂

Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet