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There is always a way for us to get through anything…..
love and hugs
Giggles the Poet
There is always a way, always a why
Don’t look at the darkness, look up at the sky
God shows his presence, your soul will see
Walk a little harder, who will you be?
Tomorrow’s not made yet, we have only this time
Don’t give in to challenges, strengthen your mind
You are here for a reason many will know
Show them your true light where ever you go
There’s always a reason that will pull us back
No matter how far we fall off our track
God is here waiting, close your eyes and just breathe
And keep your eye on the devil, it’s charm will deceive
There is always a way and we’ll turn up the light
Set greater intentions morning and night
Don’t listen to the voices you hear in your head
Shut them up and listen to mind music instead…
(c) Giggles the Poet
September 13, 2018
5:01 pm