Hello, my angels, I hope you are doing well and feeling inspired 😉

I’m starting on BOOK 2 of poetry now….since I have so many poems, it’s going to be a blessing Woking on this one… as well…

My vertebra is broken for 6 months and I’m trying to push through the pain….hard to sit, but even if I get 5 minutes an hour….I still get time……I’ll never give up.  After fighting for 35 years to get to where I am after the misdiagnosis in 1985, when I broke a rib and it was called rhomboid muscle strain, now, I’m back dealing with a different type of medical madness and a broken vertebra….as hard as each day is, I’ll never give up as long as God is talking…..writing keeps me sane and gives me a reason…

Wishing all my angels a great day 🙂
Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet


Turning pain into power has been my greatest mission
Fighting with a raging beast, trying to beat me into submission
God gave me this body, this mind and this life
But, I was maimed and broken while under someone’s knife

Turning pain into power is all that I can do
Each day that I take a breath, I feel power coming through
God put me on this planet, and I know he has a plan
I train my mind to take back control, so I am in command

Turning pain into power, keeps me more aware
And everything I do in life, I do it with more care
I meditate and contemplate and when my mind is calm
I see there’s more than pain in life, and that’s what I’ll demand

My pain gives me purpose, while God gives me hope
And everything I learn each day, gives me tools to cope
I will smile through the sorrow, as I smile through the pain
And each day that God wakes me up, I’ll get back in the game

© Giggles the Poet
August 16, 2018


God bless my angels, walk with love and light 🙂