Don’t let anyone keep you silent
I was never in a yearbook
And I wasn’t in your class
You never saw me wandering
I do not seem to have a past
My fears were never mentioned
Because I didn’t have a mouth
You never saw me in the day
And you never ever heard me cry out
I walked in silent darkness daily
What light I saw was pale
I ran in the winter to be free
But, got caught and thrown in jail
They set me free, but I was watched
The rules I broke, I paid a price
The days were long, as was my wish
That one day I would live someplace nice
I built my armor from within
My voice was silent, years would pass
Another foster home, another nightmare
Time was short it would not last
Adventures follow for a loner
Off once more I go alone
Far from the aisle where I was born
Without a foundation, without a home
In another city, I built good memories
Wrought not with anger, nor with pain
New friends await a weary traveler
And someone special gave me a name
I built new memories for a future
My peace of mind was short, I was misled
The doctors that I thought I knew
Were dark inside I was full of dread
The cuts and scars that maimed my body
Eight experimental surgeries, I could not control
I walked alone into a medical nightmare
And I was left without a hand to hold
But, somewhere in life, time was shifted
I came out into a world I do not know
And like a Phoenix rising from the ashes
My courage got stronger, as I continued to grow
© Brenda Keough
I am not alone anymore.  The scars I wear are my armor……Angels, remember no matter what you go through or have gone through, if you’re still breathing, God has you here for a reason.  You are special and you have a mission…… We grow stronger from each lesson that comes our way and wiser all the more.  We learn to show compassion for that which we cannot change, .everyone has a story and that story can be rewritten……
 Let me guide you out of the darkness.  It begins from WITHIN 🙂 🙂 We’re in it together…