Hello my angels, just wanted to share a new poem and give thanks for having you in my world.

your inner light


I thank you, Lord, for giving me hope
And for giving me all these beautiful gifts
I thank you, Lord, for my eyes, health, and breath
And for this beautiful life, I still get to live

I thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day
For the warmth in the rising sun
I thank you for my ability to learn more
And knowing when I fail, that I’ve still won

I thank you, Lord, for my beautiful friends
And for the love of my growing family
And I thank you, the most for this beautiful mission
And that faith that you always have in me

I thank you Lord, and at the end of the day
I am grateful each day I learn to grow
And I thank you the most for this beating heart
As I reap the rewards in the seeds that I sow

© Giggles the Poet
April 11, 2018
1:31 p.m.