spirit guide
The journey ahead will be filled with harmony

During the moments that I’m feeling down
On the days that I struggle, or think life’s unfair
A bigger voice of wisdom speaks up and reminds me
That if it wasn’t for strangers, I wouldn’t be here

When daily pain from my body reaches its peak
When I question in confusion who will be there
When I think I’m alone, I’ll just look out my window
And I know if I reach out a stranger will care

When I think that I carry the weight of the world
When I’m feeling lost, or I’m feeling stuck
I’ll think back and remember all that I’ve accomplished
And how a stranger reached out along the way just to wish me luck

I’m in a world filled with many beautiful strangers
And I know now when I start to feel all alone
I’ll recall the expression of warmth in their eyes
As many beautiful strangers’ welcomed me into their home…

© Brenda Keough
October 24, 2008 – 1:30-131 a.m.

For all the strangers that haven’t become family yet 🙂

Have a great life Journey 🙂

Stranger is just a word in the dictionary.  The world is made up of our beautiful brothers and sisters that we haven’t met yet…..

Since the age of five, all I’ve ever known is strangers.  Placed in foster homes, not all those strangers were kind…..but, for the ones that were, I will forever remember….