Hello my angels, I hope this note finds you well and inspired 🙂
Well, today God was talking to me about technology and how we’ve conformed to the digital era….it seems everywhere you go, 3 out of 5 people are looking down at their cell phone, and have no idea what is going on around them…or within them…..
Two great poems came together in this conversation to remind us that outside the technology is still human life, and conversation…and eye contact….which we seem to have little of since technology rules the day…..from waking to sleeping…..
Spend sometime looking up and at someone ……it makes a difference


Remember why you started
Remember why you’re here
Train your mind, control your emotions
And you will control the fear

Remember why you’re breathing
Remember you’re beating heart
You have no control of both my friend
God plays the biggest part

Remember all the beauty
Slow down and take a breath
You have what it takes to be successful
Move forward and look up without regret

Don’t let technology rule your environment
Take back your day, just hit rewind
When you feel technology pulling you in
Remember, you are in control of your time

© Giggles the Poet
September 24, 2018
5:31 pm

Life is so busy, between alarms going off, our phones reminding us of this, or that, computers that rule our day….we forget to take car of ourselves….and our brain runs on autopilot and our emotions are scattered.

Technology doesn’t make our lives easier, it has become a part of us it seems, a part of our body that silently grew and attached itself to us.  And for many, if you were born into this technological world, that is all they know and see others doing.

You wake up and reach for the phone, see who’s online, see who’s commenting, see who is doing what, saying what……and we forget the people in our presence now……our day starts without them.

We forget to say, good morning, how are you today?  How are you feeling?  We forget to look at ourselves in the mirror, afraid it will show you the truth…..and when you look in the mirror, we no longer see ourselves…..we see only that which is visible….our tired eyes, signs of stress, of ageing, signs of regrets….and we brush it aside, because our phone rings, to remind us of what we have to do NOW……

Forgetting what we have to do NOW in our home with the people in our life, forgetting because when you look up, they too are looking down at their phones….to see the same things…….the brain runs on autopilot for them as well……CONFORMITY AND TECHNOLOGY….

We jump out of bed, then we get ready like robots, doing the autopilot thinking and moving to someone else’s tune……. while forgetting our sounds….

Time for some TLC….
Time to stop and smell the roses
Time to look up and see who is looking back
Time to breath
Time to be grateful you have a heart that beats on autopilot
Time to be grateful for the brain that is so powerful that it runs without you doing anything
Time to be grateful for those in your world
Time to remember

You have to do nothing it seems…. everything runs on autopilot and you’ve forgotten how to think for yourself anymore.
Time to think about thinking……and what you are thinking……time to change the TECHNOLOGY ritual and GET BACK TO THE HUMAN RITUAL OF THINkING OF THE NOW……



For 30 days, challenge yourself to be a human being without technology speaking or doing for you from the moment you wake up?

Time to challenge your thinking…. And think about thinking.

When you wake up, write out your gratitude’s.  Start a journal and write down what you’re thinking (negative and positive.)   Set your intentions each day.  Plan your day, instead of your day planning you.

Write down what you notice each day, how you feel….from the moment you wake up……if you notice anything?
Time to connect the mind, body, spirit….and it’s TIME TO LISTEN FROM WITHIN…heal your energy and your vibrations will change.

Time to find out how powerful your brain really is.  Don’t conform to technology, time to live life NOW without technology telling you what to do and how to do it.

Time to stop the overload of information.  Choose what you will do once you pick up that piece of technology.
The overload of information causes your brain great stress and  that affects your body.  Most of the time it goes without notice, as we are so use to it.  We have 24 hours in a day.  Eight of those are spent sleeping and the other eight are for working…..So, you have nine hours of, “YOU TIME.”  What do you do with those hours?


What is your life plan?
What is your day plan?
What is your month plan?
What is your year plan?

In your journal, write down your plans, start backwards and work your way back to your day plan.  Having an end plan, helps you understand and see a better, bigger picture of your future.  You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there yet, many won’t, but seeing the end of what you want to accomplish in your life, gives you a sense of purpose on how you can make that happen.  And what you need to make that happen.

Get out of your comfort zone and MAKE BIG PLANS.  It doesn’t matter that your brain tells you, “you can’t do that because…”  What matters is that you have a plan, and your brain can’t and won’t tell you otherwise.

I was watching a TV program on “Technology,” when this little jingle came to mind….made me smile


God bless you all, now put away that display
look up to the world before it goes away
Put down that tablet, phone and I pad
look up and connect with your kids, Mom and Dad

I only have this moment God gives me today
I won’t waste my time on a computer display
I will speak to my friends to hear their voice on the phone
Instead of instant messaging, I will visit their home

The marvels and wonders of each new technology
Reaches further ahead, then to just you and me
The world holds a device, a computer, or smart phone
But, in the end when you finally look up, you are very much alone

Angel, do me a favour when technology comes your way
Put it on the table,  and just go outside enjoy the day
Talk to your neighbours, take time out to grow
Because technology won’t give you life, it’s a gift that God bestows

© Giggles the Poet
May 6, 2014
12:36 p.m.

 instead of texting, call someone today and say I love you 🙂

Love you my angels,
Walk with love and light

Giggles the Poet