PRINCESS RIP – 2000 – 2017





As your tiny heartbeat grew silent

And life’s light left your beautiful eyes

We knew in our hearts; God has a new journey

And as we held you close I said a special good-bye

All your love little Princess will surround us

And as God’s hand wipes away our tears

I know that he needs you to fill some special purpose

My angel, I will let you go; with our love and prayers

Today, God’s Angels, came down and brought you back home

Know, I’ll always remember seventeen beautiful years

You filled my daily isolation, and there was no more silence

Because your antics, helped me feel such boundless love without fear

I know you’ll find the power to visit our dreams

In time bring us peace to fill up this empty space

I visit you daily, talk and just cry

I miss holding you and seeing your tiny face

Princess, as the sun shines on the day of your passing

It sheds light on your unique life

I buried you in my backyard

And I speak with you morning and night

Know little Princess, you will always be here

And your spirit will push us further along

You had a beautiful life, you were always protected

Now, it’s me who needs to find a place where I belong…

© Giggles the Poet

R.I.P. September 14, 2017,

This beautiful little fur ball was with me for seventeen years.  And was there each time I wrote a new poem.  She would always sit next to the keyboard, keeping me company, filling my isolation and silent world with such unconditional love.


She is missed dearly, but I know I will see her again.  My first book “GIVE ME A SECOND” will always be a reminder that she was there at the beginning and at the end.  I am grateful for all the time God gave us to spend together.