Negative energy is very contagious
So be careful who you are with
It will take your soul, sucking it dry
And you’ll walk in confusion, as you drift


Your energy lights up a city
Or it can make a room go dark
Do you know what your energy feels like?
Do you light it, or will others extinguish the spark?


Take my word,s and take heed of directions
It depends on what path you now choose?
Learn to train your mind, take command today
Or angels, you’re living with your neck in a noose


God gave us a reason to be here
You can stay depressed, angry and anxious too
God gave you an abundance of choices
So, how you dwell in your mind, that choice is left up to you


You can carry your cross and baggage for a lifetime
You can sit in Counsellor’s chairs and cry, “Oh Lord, why me?”
But, until you get rid of your story and change your thinking
You will walk in your own maze that becomes purgatory

(c) Giggles the Poet
March 31, 2018
12:51 pm.


Sometimes you have to walk your truth? WHAT’S YOURS…?  The past is a broken road for many.  We’ve all been abused, used by many.  The future belongs to you, or you can be the perpetrator that destroys both worlds….


Count your blessings….not your wars….