We are all equal, or so many have said
We’re all the same on the inside, alive or dead
We make changes happen or slow changes down
We walk with power; we are destiny bound


We are all equal, so many may say
We all follow a pattern of work, rest and play
From the moment of birth, we are born to create
But, some take a path to destruction and hate


To believe we are all equal and not be so blind
Can leave us with peace in our body and mind
Being equal we’ll conquer, but as enemies we’ll die
Reach out to tomorrow and give equality a try…


© Giggles the Poet


It is my mission to show women that we have it inside us to change the future…..Patterns remain and women need to know that they are worthy of being treated EQUAL.  Times have changed drastically, except the mind set from generations ago.


We are all meant to stand side by side….not on different levels, but as equals.


Women are the last ones standing, that being a sad fact throughout many countries.  And we need to be empowered to live our lives as God meant for us while we are all here….


Women continue to speak up on these issues;


Dignity: Each woman has dignity and is equal and they should be treated with respect.
Equity: All women are provided access to equal opportunities depending on their individual needs.
Inclusiveness: We are sisters, and advocacy work is directed by participants’ needs, interests and creativity, and we value the participation and contribution of each woman.
Aspirational: Programs, advocacy and administration are proactive, innovative and committed to supporting women in achieving their goals.
Solidarity: Women help each other with the unique friendship, caring and respect that they give to each other and grow together…..

We give life and we are the nurturing force behind that life.