A child’s education turns out to be cruel
If they learn about sex Ed., and not life coping rules
And ultimately, my angel, it’s the children that will pay
Because nine months later, a new life is on its way


Education can be a gift, and some of it will have a great purpose
But, it’s useless when they have to figure out how to hire a wet nurse
Help children know more, show them how much more they can dream
Of a much greater future, let them know what that means


Demand now that high schools implement more life strategies
Children can’t learn something help them to see
Children won’t get to have a mind until they are taught how it can expand
If you don’t know, then learn together, think twice and take command


Change the patterns that keep on growing in each generation
The technology we have today can help us unite our nation
Children don’t need to walk the roads, that you all walked down before
They are autonomous, give them back their mind, and you’ll see so much more


It is up to you, my angel if you let society make you cower
Get control of your mind right now, because a child is like a flower
They will grow if you give them love, knowledge and feel the sun
Or they will wither and die in the darkness, paying for their mistakes alone


© Giggles the Poet
April 6, 2018, 3:00 am