windows of the soul


We know we have them, they are always there
They take us down, triggering unknown fears
They keep us caged, keep us afraid
These demons that society made

They wake us up, make us shiver
Invading our dreams, they make us quiver
We cannot scream, they won’t come out
Locked in our cage, no one hears us shout

Like puppets, they can control our life
And the longer we fear, the longer we fight
So take control from this day on
If you want to see a brighter dawn

These demons were programmed in us from the day of our birth
And all these programmed fears will take away our worth
There are many ways to send these demons away
But, you must take control of your mind each day

When you learn new tricks to take these fears
The more you learn the quicker they disappear
My angels have the courage and you’ll find your ground
And in time you’ll turn the mind control around

(c) Giggles the Poet
August 5, 2018
1:29 p.m.


We all have inner demons, it’s what we do each day that shows whether or not we are in control, or they are.  Reframe what you feel and see and always know that “WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR BRAIN, IT IS NOT IN CONTROL OF US.”