Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or goodnight my angels. Another beautiful day is upon us and how will you live this day?

In training, this morning with my favorite counselor Iyanla VanZant and she is talking with a couple about their broken relationship and their children who have suffered because of it the most.

Despite what we may think, despite the fear that may come up, we all have choices about who is in our world and how we are treated.   If you are not treated honorably with love and respect then my angel that is not where you belong. There is no reason to feel guilty about moving on because there is so much better out there for you…..

We all stay in a fairytale life that is only in our mind…..we all want the Fairytale life……but it’s not the fairytale life we expected.  We have a concept that is out of whack and it’s time to take off the Rose Colored Glasses and see the truth. If there are kids involved the harsh reality is you are teaching them to do and be in the same world…. and they too will create that world but that is not what you want for your children.

It’s time to teach them empowerment. It’s time to teach them more than we saw…..more than we know…. because they will only repeat the patterns unless you help them change it and understand that they too deserve better.

battered bruised and broken
I am breaking my Thirty-year silence


We stay too long because we say we love them
And we stay too long because we say they’ll change
We stay too long because that’s what our parents did
But the truth is that we’re living in a destructive cage

We keep ourselves locked in, but we don’t see the prisoner
That we ourselves have molded and created
And each day that you tell yourself the same old story
You go to bed each night with the devil and cry, you hate it!

You can step outside the realm of this destructive cage
You don’t need to repeat the patterns that once was
The world has changed and this way of life is unacceptable
You can get out, you are protected by our many laws

The world you knew as a child, my angel, has evolved
And what your parents put up with, you do not need to know
You have resources, support, and today more reasons
Learn to love yourself, take care of yourself, and you will let destruction go….

(c) Giggles the Poet
November 8, 2017
12:44 p.m.

If you find yourself in a destructive relationship, reach out because you can break free…. the greatest gifts we have is freedom….

I help you do the work



Giggles Counselling & Consulting



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