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Brain tips:  Turn negative thoughts on and off…. Did you know that it’s possible to activate your fear circuit and your motivation circuit at the same time?  That’s why it’s so hard to take action when you experience negative thought patterns, and why you feel so fearless when you are motivated to act.  If you’re aware of this fact you can learn to go back and forth-just like switching a light on and off.  Learning brain “innersizes” that will take you from a “bad mood” to a “brimming with sunshine” in under 5 minutes….


As I train my mind to think greater thoughts
As I affirm each word, each new deed
I let go of all fear and doubt that repressed my life
By removing my mind’s negative weeds

I will conquer life’s fears and problems
I’m confident as I grow stronger each day
I am grateful each second, to God my Father
For allowing me to survive and finally live life my way

I retrain with music and affirmations daily
And I change the picture of what my mind use to see
I write out my goals, plans, and my dreams
And each minute God makes this easier for me to believe

Each day, I am taking apart my beautiful mind
Teaching my brain that there is more knowledge of
This new way of thinking might be challenging at times
But, I am learning the power of compassion and love

 I walk away from the destruction and harm that was done
And as I change my behavior and old habits too
I will come back and teach you all these new techniques
And I’ll show you the power of the mind that lives inside of you

(c) Giggles the Poet

I started learning about neuroscience and layered frequency music in 2015,  which led me to learn that we can change many aspects of our brain, our moods, limiting beliefs, and emotions through binaural beats, affirmations, subliminal messages, and meditation.

Each day that we use these programs, we are changing the state of our mind and becoming more in control of our thoughts and actions.  Overall, you become more confident, more focused, able to concentrate and remember things, increase your memory and self-esteem, as well as sleep better and be more productive.  Which makes you better able to make decisions and control every aspect of your life…..



Be kind to your mind…..MAKE YOUR MIND YOUR BITCH!


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