You have not lived until you die
Your place is not to question why
My friends, look ahead, don’t look behind
Pay close attention to the wandering mind

You have a gift deep within you
To share peace, and love for all you do
Take all your doubts, and file them away
And, make a promise yourself, that you’ll dream big today

This year will close, and when it comes to an end
Dear heart, with that, a New Year will begin
Look deep within, find your own muse
Promise yourself, you’ll change, you’ll choose

Build each New Year, plant goals, plant seeds
And know you too, deserve your dreams
My friends, live, love, learn from today
And your life, your dreams will never go astray…..

 © Giggles the Poet
December 11, 2014
4:00-4:01 pm.

Angels, may you all have a GREAT LIFE JOURNEY:)

Never think you can’t….because you can.  Take control of your mind and awareness Don’t’ let your mind control you……