your inner light.PNG
My angels will you get these life lessons
Or, will you have to repeat the class?
God gives you freedom and choices
Choose to leave the pain where it belongs in the past
Will you show up when you need to start training
And will you make this investment in your growth?
And when you feel the discomfort of what’s being hidden
Will you invest in that moment the most?
Time heals all wounds when you let it
And God is giving you all the time that you need
You can get rid of the demons within you
Or, my angel, you can choose to let them continue to feed?
(c) Giggles the poet
November 9th, 2017
My angels, no matter what demons are inside us, we have the choice to let them go.  We have to choose to face them head-on.  
It’s all about choices and it’s about investing in who you want to be.  it’s about investing in your dreams and your future and your destiny only you can do that.  CHOOSE
MAKE YOUR MIND YOUR BITCH. …. because you can and I will help you do the work