Through the darkness, I heard voices
Saying do not give up yet
There’s a new path God has chosen
Move forward, let go of regret

Close your eyes for just a moment
And see how far you’ve come
You may feel damaged, you may feel lost
But, your soul and mind are one

When you step out of the darkness
You will see a welcoming light
It shows where you came from
To teach, to conquer, instead of fight

Death’s door has opened many times
And, almost made its claim
But, your strong spirit pulled you through
And you’ve learned a whole new game

You’ve awoken now to life’s true kiss
And what you planted long ago
Is coming to you, bit, by bit
Take a bow for freedom
And teach others what you know

© Giggles the Poet
April 2, 2016
11:00 a.m.


This week I got out of my prison, and life showed me it’s beauty….