I am putting you under arrest, my friend
Because you make the poet mad
I’ve had enough of your cold anger and silence
The vibrations you give off are very bad
I’m taking control and standing on faith
Because I’m married to God above
Your anger can’t stop me anymore
Because what you display I’ll never call love
There’s a theme to this long story
And it speaks of desecration
If you bully your partner when you feel in the mood
It will lead to her dissociation
Sometimes I cannot tell reality
Because all I can see is what’s wrong
In a weird way I believe you love me
But in 11 years I never felt I belonged
God is giving me a lot to think about
Your love seems so convenient
And I deal with such crap each passing year I wonder
when you speak if you mean it
Your tactics won’t work on me anymore
Because just like love I’m blind
So il will take all that i came with
And I leave you with my beautiful pride
I’ll shed No More tears, my darling
And I’ll feel no more pity or remorse
I know God will always protect me
And he will never let me fall off course
You are under arrest, my friend
Until you learn to grow up a lot more
And just for the sake of all humanity
I’ll hold on to the key to the lock on your door

(c) Giggles the Poet September 16, 2019

God gives me poems of all kinds to write, so I never know what is written until I get to look at it again…..I am blessed to have learned new perceptions and worth

My life is just beginning and I will find the love that is seeking me. Love makes magic happen and that’s all that I believe

Copyright © Giggles the Poet Brenda Keough | Year Posted 2019