a letter to myself


Good morning my angels word of advice
Get off all the chemicals, learn to treat yourself nice
Get rid of the prescriptions, the crutches the excuses 
The more your on this path, the tighter the noose is

Doctor’s are mindlessly prescribing drugs, destroying your 🧠 Brain
They make you a prisoner, over and over again
I have the tools and resources, that brought me back to life
And these resources will help you change, your views overnight

You are all blessed, my angels, learn to believe in yourself
Start clearing up your mind, take your dreams off the shelf
You have the greatest medicine within the brain,  let it shine through
Because there are many more alternatives become living proof

You’ll start with mind music, I’ll make you a routine
These chemicals won’t help you, they take all your dreams
You have the power within to eliminate pain
Take your body and mind back, and start believing again

It took me thirty-five years if I did it angel, so can you 🙂  
I want you walking with pride, walking in a new truth
You can change your direction and you can change your life path
First get rid of the chemicals, or live in their wrath

(c) Giggles the Poet
April 3,2018
11:17 am

Both OxyContin and oxycodone work by attaching to specific receptors in the brain that are referred to as endogenous opioid receptors. These brain receptors are designed to have an affinity for neurotransmitters like endorphins and enkephalins.

Their activation results in a change in the subjective experience of stress, pain, and anxiety. Narcotic or opiate drugs like oxycodone and OxyContin readily attach to these receptors; different types of narcotic drugs have different chemical compositions that result in them attaching differently.

Because these man-made substances are much more potent than endogenous neurotransmitters, the subjective experiences they often produce are much more intense. In addition, repeatedly taking drugs of any type that result in sensations of reinforcement or pleasure also activate other neurotransmitters, particularly the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Increases in dopamine are associated with feelings of reinforcement, satisfaction, pleasure, euphoria, and other positive feelings.
Many individuals readily begin to associate the use of the drug with these effects. This indicates that some individuals may become motivated to take these drugs again to achieve these effects, and this can result in the beginnings of the cycle of substance abuse or the development of a substance use disorder.

I have lived in a world of chemicals since my accident and misdiagnosis in 1985, believe me, it’s not getting off them that is scary, facing the world, after the haze is scary, but, you can use that fear as fuel, as you retrain your mind and body to become stronger, YOU CAN CONTROL PAIN and YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR DESTINY, FATE AND TURN THE TABLES…….that too is your choice

Doctor’s are like a revolving door, prescribing without care, not really interested in what is really going on inside your body, and they will create a wealth of problems with each prescription.  What do you want to see in your future?
music for gratitude.  This is awesome brain awakening music that will help calm your mind.  Listen in the morning as you set your intentions……

Love and hugs, my angel

Giggles the Poet

Don’t let death win 😦



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