You don’t need to know the answers
Just commit and follow through
Don’t let go of the hand of Jesus
When changes come he’ll pull you through

Believe in one New Journey
Be presemt today and turn the tide
Get into your head and find the answers
Take control of your mind, stay still, don’t hide

In time you will find it Solutions
Look in the eyes of your friends to see the truth
Remember other Angels struggle also
And they were negatively programmed just like you

Open your heart and connect to your spirit
Claim the mind that God gave you at Birth
You are here for one reason only
To leave your glorious Mark upon the Earth

Do not settle learn to use those voices
That are scrambling around in your head
And then connect with your heart when you are troubled
You got a long way to walk before you meet death

Angels stop the patterns of misunderstanding
Be authentic and learn to release
Because when you feel your soul overflowing
You’ve reached a new level of peace. ..

Giggles the Poet
May 27 2017

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