take off the gloves

Hello, my angel, God has been keeping me so busy, despite being down with Pneumonia for the last two weeks and sounding like Al Pacino….lol 🙂  I am blessed to hear what God shares with me, a whole new way of inspiring the mind through poetry

Walk with love and light my angels, you are blessed 🙂


Champions keep on playing
Until they get it right
They find the WHY of their life journey
And risk something more for their life
Champions will keep on going
They know their backs will never break
They train each day fully knowing
Their walk of truth cannot be fake
Take off the blinders, drop the weapons
Learn to audit your thoughts
Become the best accountant, find your goldmine
And you won’t be sold or bought
You learn more about yourself every second
Tune into God and the silence of change
Dig deeper when life throws big boulders
And know your shoulders can carry the pain
Rebirth of self-takes mastery
You train and begin from within
And when you feel your vibrations are balanced
The universe and God will see that you win

(c) Giggles the Poet
April 15, 2018
12:13 p.m.



the mind will try and conquer you and the fears will come….feel the fears and let them go…use fear as fuel, because you are worth it….Time heals, and time changes every second we look within….speak only to God.