The next time someone makes you feel like you’re not good enough… smile and tell them “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

Lord, I know I’ve said these words a million times before
“I have had enough, and I can’t take this anymore”
I will never understand, and I guess I’ll never see
How any man thinks he has the right to take away a woman’s peace
Lord, you’re the only one I speak to daily
And you always bless me with the wisest replies
He either sleeps, or walks around in a maze
And his foundation is built on silent darkness and lies
Lord, the ground your angel walks upon, has been caving in for years
And I keep fighting for someone’s life when I know they do not care
Lord, I know you give us all a choice and it seems he has made his decision
So, there’s nothing more I can do, except make my own life revisions
Each day you keep me focused on my path and you’re helping me build my trilogies
And the books you are helping me put together, are changing so much inside of me
Lord, you give me lots of writing, and you Change my perspective along the way
So, I will no longer let people trigger my emotions, this is not a game, and I’m not here to play
Lord, it’s so, hard sharing a space with someone that has such negative vibes
I’m an empath and I pick up energies, so, there’s no place for me to hide
So, I leave my house; I plug in my mind magic, and I take myself for a long walk
And when I’m feeling so off balance inside, God and I will get to have a talk
So, I will not be driven from my home, from my sanctuary
I put a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears and no ones taking this peace from me
So, While God shares his poems and I write , working hard from dusk till dawn
I feel a new power come over me, and my courage and passion are strong
I no longer care about judgements, and I will let you cast the first stone
Because your judgments are based on a figment from a memory you alone helped grow

© Giggles 🤭 the Poet
August 25, 2020

 God and I have been working from dusk till dawn, I’m lucky I get any sleep anymore but I’m not complaining because the work that he is sharing with me is incredible and it’s giving me such empowering feelings.    I know that I’m going through a lot of changes right now personally, physically, mentally and spiritually and God is keeping me busy and making me stronger for the changes to come because changes will come being in a world of silence and ice isolation is it no longer acceptable for me.

 I have too much to offer the world, to share with the world and I can’t let my spirit be taken down by somebody that is negative and does not want to grow.

 I have done all I can and as far as I’m concerned, my duties are over, “ you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink”

I’m grateful that the poetry God shares with me gives me such perspectives on the situations I find myself in and it makes it easier to look at from an outside view.  Not much comes out of bad relationships, but I know that I have grown in ways that I never thought I could, and learned from lessons that will help the world learn as well when deciding how they want to live their lives with another person.

So, my  Angels know that you are stronger than you think and you can make yourself stronger no matter what the circumstances . Circumstances always change and each time we wake up and take a breath that means God gives us another chance to change our circumstances .

Walk with love and light . I love you Giggles the Poet  Advice and healing




Your gaze wanders to the mirror
And as you put powder on with grace
Deep fear lays etched your eyes
As you hide the bruises on your face

Your gaze stares back to haunt again
With a truth you see and cannot disguise
How much more make-up will it take
To cover up these many lies?

You stumble to your closet
To find your clothing and piece by piece
You put them on with trembling hands
Wondering when your own pounding heart will cease

You wrap up your broken, battered ribs
And wince from pain as you draw breath
You wear your biggest, brightest smile
And smiling, walk back into the arms of death

Upon her tombstone, it was written
Please pay heed to what you look upon
I may be free at last, but among my regret
Is that I’ll never see the beauty of your lives as you go on…

© Brenda Keough

Abuse against women is often subtle and is perpetrated in many different ways. A man who batters and abuses a woman does it to gain and maintain control over her. Physical violence is not the only form of domestic abuse that battered women experience
“ Your gaze wanders to the mirror
And as you put powder on with grace
Deep fear lays etched your eyes
As you hide the bruises on your face”
This is a syndrome involving a physical and psychological condition of a person, both mind-wise as well as body-wise. This is now a universal theme of battering and abuse on women community
“ Your gaze stares back to haunt again
With a truth, you see and cannot disguise
How much more make-up will it take
To cover up these many lies?”
Feelings of depression and passivity may also be created by lack of social support outside of the abusive situation
“ You stumble to your closet
To find your clothing and piece by piece
You put them on with trembling hands
Wondering when your own pounding heart will cease..”
The condition is the basis for the battered spouse defense that has been used in cases of physically and psychologically.
“ You wrap up your broken, battered ribs
And wince from pain as you draw breath
You wear your biggest, brightest smile
And smiling, walk back into the arms of death.”

There are many cases happening that those who are the victims of physical abuse or psychological abuse spouses who have killed their abusers.

“ Upon her tombstone, it was written
Please pay heed to what you look upon
For I am free at last, but among my regrets
Is that I’ll never see the beauty of your lives as you go on…”
We’re all on this beautiful planet to help and protect each other…don’t let this become your fate…..”

Dominance is one way of abuse— Abusive men need to feel in charge of the relationship. They will make decisions for you and the family, tell you what to do, and expect you to obey without question. Your abuser may treat you like a servant, child or even as his possession.

An abuser will do everything he can to make you feel bad about yourself, or defective in some way. After all, if you believe you’re worthless and that no one else will want you, you’re less likely to leave. Insults, name-calling, shaming, and public put-downs are all weapons of abuse against you as a woman and designed to erode your self-esteem and make you feel powerless.

Williamsji Maveli

Poetry begins where matter of issue of science ceases to be merely such, and to exhibit a further truth




Who was she?  They wondered
No one knew her name
Where did she live?  They wondered
No one ever saw her playing
How old was she?  They wondered
Did she have any friends?
What happened?  They wondered
Will this travesty ever end?
Who hurt her?  They wondered
How did she die?
Who are her parents? They wondered
As they started to cry
This foster child was invisible
Like so many children before
And Child Services never questioned
 what happened, behind those closed doors
And like many children before her
And for those children to come
If we don’t’ stand up for these angels
Then they’ll live in fear, they’re done
The laws are not changing fast enough
And decisions need to be made
If we don’t protect these little angels
We will be looking down at many more graves

The foster system is still failing these kids
As it has failed these kids before
It’s time to unite and make changes happen
And find justice for this little girl

© Giggles the Poet
September 1, 2019

“Change will never truly come if indifference remains the standard of care.”

Hello, my angels,

God has been great today and shared many beautiful words with me…..
My Angels, this poem is a reminder of a broken Foster Care System. I was one of these children, lost and forgotten at the age of 5 taken from an abusive home and placed in more. I could have become a statistic, no one hears you, and no one cares. HOPE REIGNS
I lived in foster care for 12 years, from the time I was taken from my abusive parents when I was 5 years old, until my attempted suicide at the age of 12-13.  Nobody listened…..

After I left the hospital, I was placed in a girls Reform school, for Juvenile delinquents, it was supposed to be a temporary placement until another foster home could be found, but I was forgotten, and nobody ever came back for me. I was there until I turned seventeen.

That was the safest place I remember living. I lived in so many different homes, I lost count and I also lost memories. I have memories of the abusive foster people, I have no memories of me, I have no memories of being in school, having friends, although I’ve seen pictures of me with friends, it brings back no remnants of a lost childhood, but, “You’re always the new kid in school. You’re always adjusting, you’re always losing friends,” “Sometimes it’s instant. You don’t have time to say goodbye. You’re just gone one day from school, or gone from wherever,” as if you’ve never existed…..

According to the census, a total of 17,410 households in Canada contained at least one foster child aged 14 and under in 2011. More than half — 57 percent — were households with married couples; about 12 percent were common-law couples and 14 percent were lone-parent families.

Of the foster children counted, 8,590 were aged four and under; 11,455 were teens aged 15 to 19. a total of 320 deaths in the past five years alone.

But what I found out was the number of deaths of children who had been out of the childcare system for less than a year. Global News surveyed the country to try and determine the number of deaths of those children. Shockingly, we discovered many provinces don’t keep track.

Ontario is one of the few provinces that does. And in that province alone, since 2009, 57 children have died less than 12 months after their case with Children’s Aid had been closed.
But if you combine that with the number of children who have died while in care and the number of children who have died while living at home with their families, but have an open file with Children’s Aid, the total number is over 500 since 2009.

That’s between 90 -120 deaths each year, and about one death every three days.
“When I hear 100 – 120 I think Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – a child connected to care dies. Thursday, Friday, Saturday – a child connected to care dies,” says Irwin Elman, Ontario’s Child Advocate.

“If somebody thinks the child welfare system is completely without holes and doesn’t need looking at in terms of how we protect children then how do you explain that?”


Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet


My angels, what are we really seeing?
And why are we being told?
Are you questioning anyone’s orders?
Are you one of societies robots in a herd growing old?
When you look in the mirror each morning
What picture is it appears
Do you keep yourself busy, so you do not see it
Because you’re afraid to face too many fears?
Who told you, you couldn’t or wouldn’t
And what made you believe that tall tale?
Because if you’re still stuck in a rut and believing
Then you’ve created a lifetime in a prison call the jail
No one else can help us from drowning
But God will always offer his hand
Pick and choose what you do but be mindful
You could be up to your neck and shit where you stand
So, what’s your plans for tomorrow my angel
And when you look in the mirror, we are a smile
Then sit and meditate and set your intentions
Because brain training is like retraining a child

(c) Giggles the Poet
August 15, 2020

Nothing is ever too late just decide where you’re going to start, I love you my angels and I’m always here for you. I put together this audio collection that is inspirational and eye opening for the soul and mind….listen daily…and quiet the mind……YOU ARE IN CONTROL




download and listen to this as much as you can to get that connection between your mind and heart going….it’s the only way to settle the chaos of thoughts and actions we do without thinking…….IT’S A TOUGH JOB THINKING ABOUT THINKING, but it pays off in the end….healing begins from within….and

you can’ tf ix a problem with the brain that created it…..

Hey leave me a comment….tips on how I might make this my masterpiece for sharing God’s perceptions. If it wasn’t for me listening to audios that are layered with different technologies for my specific ailments….which are receeding faster than Moses parting the seas…..but, I’ve been in serious training for almost 40 days, including the good Lord sharing more poems than I can keep up with….lol I am blessed that I have a reason to stay and rebuild my world without the toxins that kept me in a maze….

So, WHAT, we are all MENTAL on different levels for a reason….that is from the past conditioning… can change that conditioning…by listening……and a ritual I can share with you….it’s a lifetime change on THINKING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR THINKING

God has led me to resources, and I’m a library bursting with RESOURCES, SOUNDS, AND EMPOWERMENT….

I’m just getting started and well, being on Workers Compensation Disability……my dream is to get off that corrupt system, take it down, or change how it’s run…..and I know the poetry God shares, the programs I can make for specific people’s issues has finally put me on a path of REDEMPTION, FORGIVINESS, POWER AND EMPOWERMENT

God gave me this mission……and DEATH WILL HAVE TO WAIT


My previous designer had a place for Ebooks and a place to subscribe…….anyone help me with that one…..I would rather offer my next series of MIND MANAGEMENT POETRY AND PERSPECTIVES on this site. The publishers don’t want to print the truth…and well…I lived it…..and there is FREEDOM OF SPEECH…..ESPECIALLY IN THE FACE OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND MEDICAL IGNORANCE…..AS WITH MY CASE

But, that will be cleared up as I keep going……thank you for your support…..when I can help you….then my job is done 🙂

I love you


Giggles the Poet – Counsellor/Empowerment Coach
647-298-3587 send me a text and we can talk about a new journey 🙂

And the sounds of these awesome audios will change your brain completely


Hello, my angels, I hope you woke inspired and smiling today 🙂

Well the Lord got me up early and I’m glad, I have to deal with a nightmare computer that a tech made a mess of yesterday. I needed help with one drive and he erased things he should not have…..especially courses that were in my Microsoft collections…and things I want to share….

So, I’ve been patiently doing some tweeks….but I still can’t get edge collections back, or my history….I can’t see my pictures when I want to upload or look at them….and one one drive there is an xwith a picture or doc.…..

drive started syncing 38, 840 files… HUH….so, I had to stop…and delete the beast, as I couldn’t get anything to open on my desktop computer….lol Any ideas, always open to suggestion before losing my mind…. 🙂

Thank God, he keeps me creatively looking for solutions…..but, it pisses me off the time that was wasted and what he did was so wrong….even deleting my subscription Microsoft 365 office programs……where all my work is in areas I know…now I see nothing….that’s ok…..a new challenge to keep me busy today

I’m a collector…..of RESOURCES lol SELF DEVELOPMENT -TRAINING ETC…. so I have 400 gb with duplicates as well to conquer lol seems one drive really made a mess… I have more learning to do…..

Plus, I’m trying to put my books of poetry together and God keeps me writing as well…lol I need two of me…..or an assistant….I have some beautiful words to share with the world that God always shares with me to give me a new perspective….

Happy Tuesday, my angels



Make the most of how you live 
Don’t just take, but learn to give
Don’t be judgmental, don’t be cross 
Reach out to help those that are lost

Angel, make the most of every breath
Learn from living not from death 
You can rise above the feasting greed 
And lead to help others to succeed

Make the most of each new sunrise 
Just be yourself, without disguise
Have faith and trust in each tiny step
And what you reach for you will get

(c) Giggles the Poet




We are hurt when others first meet us
We laughed and smiled never showing our scars
We’ve come to believe in our minds we don’t deserve it
Thinking not of our strengths but a lifetime of flaws

My angel, what baggage do you carry forward?
Whatever you bring is more added weight
When two Souls first get to meet one another
You both don’t show all the problems that are on your plate

When you unpack your baggage you start bleeding
And your heart is locked up in your lonely past
And you wear a fake smile when your loved one approaches
So, they won’t see the shadow your real baggage casts

Broken people try and fix broken people
As we fight to be present in our truth
Then the past creeps in, we can’t leave it alone
And our heart closes as we get lost in the pain of our youth

The truth will correct the errors you have in your mind
Because when two hearts blend as one they will transform
It’s not the battles we lost, or the stories we remember
And it’s sharing each precious moment when you both are reborn

(c) Giggles the Poet
July 14, 2020

It’s your willingness to look at your Darkness which empowers you to change

Love and hugs