Hello, my angels

Merry Christmas, my angels,  Santa is on his way…   

May this note find you smiling and inspired… we go into the New Year….a new you…

Thank you for sharing your world and poems, reviews over the years….I am blessed to have you in my life and world..

Wishing you all the best in 2019….STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS…

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and the greatest New Year too!!

Thank you for being in my world of growth, hope, faith and change..

God bless

Giggles the Poet


Light your passions light your flame
Stand up taller, start living again
Each day is a lesson, just let it flow through
Don’t keep the bad ones, inside of you

Light your passions, let it lead the way
Remember your plan and think about your new day
What will you do, how will you respond?
You can create great change, turn things around

Light up your mind, let it guide
Don’t give in to fears, God’s by your side
Light your passion, one last time
Learn to laugh out loud and you will be fine…

© Giggles the Poet
April 1, 2018
1:09 p.m.

Thank you, Lord, for all my gifts 😉


My Angels, What are you willing to believe?  (print off and hang as inspiration you’ll see daily)

Believe in me and I’ll build you a home
Where you’ll never question, or feel all alone
Believe in what I fought for, love versus hate
Kneel down and pray, without debate

Have more belief in yourself and why you’re alive
I gave you life’s breath, gave you your youth
I will send you a sign and when I do
You’ll see into your future and see the truth

Believe and have faith, for all is not lost
You still have a choice, choose to win at all cost
Remember, my angel, you have my blood, my breath

And you’ll come live in your home until you meet with death

© Giggles the Poet
December 10, 2018



This will be a great year going forward, without limits in belief, and an empowering spirit who shows you, your infinite beauty…and mission


Walk with love and light

Giggles the Poet
MOTIVERSITY School of Mind Management


You can    we’re in it together

MOTIVERSITY School of Mind Management  THINK AND GROW RICH… of most down to earth, lessons in learning faith, as well as learning how to build YOUR DREAMS…despite the odds…….and if they can do it….so can we…


God is on a roll…..and has me writing up a storm.


Thank you, my angels, for signing up to my page, to my cause to bring awareness as well as inspiration and shed light on the many human beings that are being maimed by our medical system, the Workers Compensation and Medtronic who are being used carelessly and implanted with medical devices that are supposed to help us, but cause more harm.

We are not put on this earth to only fight for our lives.  We shouldn’t have to fight for our lives when we are injured, nor should we be injured further for seeking help for those injuries.  It’s what you don’t hear about that is the scariest….



God kept me alive for a reason and I won’t be taken down quietly…..


The only thing that has kept me alive through these destructive years, is God and writing my way back to life….


For each loss, each heartache, a new poem is born and a new perspective to help me understand the human mind and alter the programming.




Believe me, you can CHANGE YOUR MIND……


Rather than take a pill, drink or whatever crutch you find, reach out and I’ll help you, by showing you what none of those things can do…..and I’ll show you what YOU CAN DO….I’ll write you a prescription that will repair your mind, heal your spirit and you’ll become an EMPOWERING FORCE….


Love and hugs

Giggles the Poet







We are all equal, or so many have said
We’re all the same on the inside, alive or dead
We make changes happen or slow changes down
We walk with power; we are destiny bound


We are all equal, so many may say
We all follow a pattern of work, rest and play
From the moment of birth, we are born to create
But, some take a path to destruction and hate


To believe we are all equal and not be so blind
Can leave us with peace in our body and mind
Being equal we’ll conquer, but as enemies we’ll die
Reach out to tomorrow and give equality a try…


© Giggles the Poet


It is my mission to show women that we have it inside us to change the future…..Patterns remain and women need to know that they are worthy of being treated EQUAL.  Times have changed drastically, except the mind set from generations ago.


We are all meant to stand side by side….not on different levels, but as equals.


Women are the last ones standing, that being a sad fact throughout many countries.  And we need to be empowered to live our lives as God meant for us while we are all here….


Women continue to speak up on these issues;


Dignity: Each woman has dignity and is equal and they should be treated with respect.
Equity: All women are provided access to equal opportunities depending on their individual needs.
Inclusiveness: We are sisters, and advocacy work is directed by participants’ needs, interests and creativity, and we value the participation and contribution of each woman.
Aspirational: Programs, advocacy and administration are proactive, innovative and committed to supporting women in achieving their goals.
Solidarity: Women help each other with the unique friendship, caring and respect that they give to each other and grow together…..

We give life and we are the nurturing force behind that life.






You don’t need to know the answers
Just commit and follow through
Don’t let go of the hand of Jesus
When changes come he’ll pull you through

Believe in your new journey
Be present today and turn the tide
Get into your head and you’ll find the answers
Take control of your mind, stay still, don’t hide

In time you will find it solutions
Look in the eyes of your friends to see the truth
Remember other Angels struggle also
And they were negatively programmed just like you

Open your heart and connect to your spirit
Claim the mind that God gave you at Birth
You are here for one reason only
To leave your glorious mark upon this beautiful earth

Do not settle learn to use those voices
That are scrambling around in your head
And then connect with your heart when you are troubled
You got a long way to walk before you meet death

Angels stop the patterns of misunderstanding
Be authentic and learn to release
Because when you feel your soul overflowing
You’ve reached a new level of peace

Giggles the Poet
May 27 2017



I had no name, I had no face
I didn’t grow up with the human race
I had no soul, I couldn’t see
The raging darkness that was inside of me

I had no name, never went to school
I didn’t follow society’s rule
I was a shadow with no past
Because the devil stole me from God’s grasp

I was locked away, I hid in a cage
The darkness inside me grew into rage
The pills they gave me took away my soul
I lived in darkness, growing cold

I had no voice, I couldn’t speak
The pills they gave me made me weak
I had no tears I didn’t cry
From afar, I watched me die

I had no name, I had no story
I prayed to God and found my glory
God took me home, which was my dream
I died alone at the age of thirteen

© Giggles the Poet April 13, 2018 3:00 am


When you grow up in abusive homes as a child, nobody cares, you are like a pawn in a game; a child could never understand. At the age of thirteen, I had enough and tried to take my life. Someone came home and interrupted this and I was forced to live the life of a lost child until I was old enough to move away and at the age of seventeen.


As I had been moved to so many foster homes, strangers were all I knew as a child. So, when I had the opportunity, I moved to Toronto, with a few bucks in my pocket, I left Newfoundland and the abuse behind.


With very little memories of my childhood, I rebuilt my life vowing abuse would never happen again. I started living a life I only dreamed of as a child, and I had a freedom I’ve never known…..freedom from abuse for only six years, then I had an accident at the age of twenty-two…still a child, I broke a rib in my upper back, was misdiagnosed with Rhomboid muscle strain…..and a different kind of abuse began…..


So, became my story of what I called my WALK-THROUGH MEDICAL MADNESS, being experimented on having painful nerve blocks, spinal taps, while the broken rib did damage within for a year… never fully investigated, ignored by doctors, crucified by the Workers Compensation board, harassed and forgotten I lived in medical madness for thirty-three years.


Advocating for myself to keep a roof over my head and trying to stay sane, I fought systems that were corrupt. I managed to quieten the medical madness but was left with nerve damage and destruction that cost me everything and will last for the rest of my life.


This is the life all injured workers have to live. We work all our lives, paying into a system that we THINK WILL PROTECT US, but it doesn’t, WSIB, takes away your dignity, takes all that you worked had for, gives you a label and you are put in a new type of concentration camp that has their own rules. If you don’t fit into their boxes, you are crucified.


Now I advocate for injured workers and the disabled. WE ARE NOT A DISABILITY, WE HAVE ABILITIES….AND WEAR NO LABELS….


I found my voice as God made me a Poet and I got a new name called me Giggles the Poet and for every loss a new poem, perspective was made….and that saved my life, brought me back to live and helps me make it every day.






The good Lord will give me courage for what I need to do
There are underlying reasons why I fight to get through
People are being maimed, lives are being destroyed
By Medtronic medical devices doctors treat like a toy

I’ve been shocked back to life by these stories
And I have been silent for far too long
The newspapers are finally gathering the facts
And I pray that these stories will help right these wrongs

I have a device that grew into my spine
Because it was forgotten for seven years
No one did anything when I cried out for help
And they said I exaggerated when they saw my tears

For thirty-five years I fought this medical madness alone
God helped me keep diligent notes and I wrote poetry
And for thirty-five long years, my losses accumulated
As the Worker’s Compensation board tried to crucify me

Let it be known that God watches over his angels
And for those that turned their back’s and turned away
Remember I didn’t die but I came back to life
And I know, God will take care of restitution one day

Don’t lose hope my angels you’re alive for a reason
And as we gather with our stories and show them our scars
God will help us heal so we can go forward
And put an end to this medical system that has so many flaws

(c) Giggles the Poet
December 4, 2018



I spoke with the secretary of the lawyers handling the class action lawsuit against Medtronic and she said that they couldn’t do anything because the machine that grew into my spine and forgotten, wasn’t the same device as the pacemakers.  I am shocked and angry that once again like in 2009 when there was a class action suit against Medtronic the lawyers said the same thing.  It shouldn’t matter what kind of device it is, it’s still a Medtronic machine and it almost killed me twice.  I lost two jobs and it ruined my life.  The fact that I have it grown into my spine should be a good reason to take my case.  How can they just turn their backs on human beings that are injured further by these devices?

She said that I could start my own lawsuit?  And where am I to find the money to fight this case???  I’m on Workers Compensation disability…..I’m ashamed to know that I will see no justice for what happened over the last 35 years.  Well, God will see that restitution and justice be had…..and all I can say is God have mercy on their soul when they meet my maker.

My angels, never give up, no matter who turns away.  There will be justice…..



Links to the IMPLANT FILES






Now, the name of this poem is a familiar phrase isn’t’ it:  Did you ever think that tomorrow may not arrive…?

Food for thought 


Just doing this, will leave you empty, break dreams and leave you in the comfortable box society helped you create. Generational patterns, generational beliefs…’s time to change them. it’s not going to be easy because you are challenging YOU….YOUR THOUGHTS, PATTERNS AND BEHAVIOURS….And depending on your age….did I say tomorrow may never come?


Regardless of what you were programmed to believe, see, feel and taste….you CAN DO IT AGAIN the RIGHT WAY, WITH THE RIGHT PROGRAMS, MOTIVES AND TRAINING, YOU CAN REVERSE THE GENERATIONAL PROGRAMMING….


Angels, as you train your mind, you are internalizing a new language of thinking, believing seeing and doing.  You are being reborn, your brain is being rewired, repaired and reprogrammed….and it’s happening by YOUR CHOICE WITH YOUR VISION AND YOUR DESIGN.



So now you say 




The tomorrow mentality won’t get you anywhere
Because your mind will find ways to keep you locked up in fear
You’ll say,  “I’ll do it tomorrow,” I’ll learn something new
But, what’s going to happen, when tomorrow doesn’t come true?

You’ve been waiting for tomorrow and that tomorrow may never come
And the longer you wait my angel, the more damage is done
It requires time and investment to get started doing new things
But, if you have no plan and wait for tomorrow, you may lose everything

You say, “I’ll wait until tomorrow,  “I’ll exercise, I’ll eat right”
You’re postponing your growth with excuses layered in fright
You won’t know the outcome and you won’t know it tomorrow
And, unless you have an action plan, you’ll be left behind with new sorrows

The tomorrow mentality was programmed by generational beliefs
And without new mental awareness, it will take your dreams like a thief
Do it right now my angel, don’t keep blocking your way
Start with your mind, or you’ll lose it all, come what may

The tomorrow mentality, won’t’ get you very far
Start making your mind stronger and don’t question who you are
My angel, clarity brings purpose and it breeds passion and fuel
But, if you wait until tomorrow, you’re cheating yourself and that is cruel

There is no past, there’s today, so, you can’t wait until tomorrow
God gives you today as a present, a gift of time that can’t be borrowed
Angel, write down a life action plan and then take baby steps
Because the “tomorrow” mentality, will leave you empty with regrets

© Giggles the Poet
April 18, 2018
5:45 pm




Today is all there is, make each second count. You are beautiful and you are worthy of so much more


Walk with love and light

you are and will always be in control of your destiny 


Motivational video that will recharge your spirit
Focus On Yourself And Not Others ? (One of the Best Speeches Ever)




Negative energy is very contagious
So be careful who you are with
It will take your soul, sucking it dry
And you’ll walk in confusion, as you drift


Your energy lights up a city
Or it can make a room go dark
Do you know what your energy feels like?
Do you light it, or will others extinguish the spark?


Take my word,s and take heed of directions
It depends on what path you now choose?
Learn to train your mind, take command today
Or angels, you’re living with your neck in a noose


God gave us a reason to be here
You can stay depressed, angry and anxious too
God gave you an abundance of choices
So, how you dwell in your mind, that choice is left up to you


You can carry your cross and baggage for a lifetime
You can sit in Counsellor’s chairs and cry, “Oh Lord, why me?”
But, until you get rid of your story and change your thinking
You will walk in your own maze that becomes purgatory

(c) Giggles the Poet
March 31, 2018
12:51 pm.


Sometimes you have to walk your truth? WHAT’S YOURS…?  The past is a broken road for many.  We’ve all been abused, used by many.  The future belongs to you, or you can be the perpetrator that destroys both worlds….


Count your blessings….not your wars….










A child’s education turns out to be cruel
If they learn about sex Ed., and not life coping rules
And ultimately, my angel, it’s the children that will pay
Because nine months later, a new life is on its way


Education can be a gift, and some of it will have a great purpose
But, it’s useless when they have to figure out how to hire a wet nurse
Help children know more, show them how much more they can dream
Of a much greater future, let them know what that means


Demand now that high schools implement more life strategies
Children can’t learn something help them to see
Children won’t get to have a mind until they are taught how it can expand
If you don’t know, then learn together, think twice and take command


Change the patterns that keep on growing in each generation
The technology we have today can help us unite our nation
Children don’t need to walk the roads, that you all walked down before
They are autonomous, give them back their mind, and you’ll see so much more


It is up to you, my angel if you let society make you cower
Get control of your mind right now, because a child is like a flower
They will grow if you give them love, knowledge and feel the sun
Or they will wither and die in the darkness, paying for their mistakes alone


© Giggles the Poet
April 6, 2018, 3:00 am