One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be what inspires someone else to keep going.

Why I write and fight
I’ll no longer hide my voice
God is beside me all the way
There’s always hope
my first prize. THE CRIES OF A CHILD words I only hear once


Published THE STRENGTH OF MANY I WROTE AFTER THE 9/11. 👨 👨 👨 I went to Washington DC and received an award, 🏅 Nd plaque I was honoured God gave so many hope

Yep, God keeps the records going lol 😂 this was such an honour. there is always a 💡 light somewhere just keep looking 👀 for the poem I sent in. TRANSFORMATION 💪 ON PG 54 😝. Thanks 🙏 to my awesome 😎 Father above who never left my side. The past is the only chain you need to release
I created a new set of 🦶 🦶 prints 👧
One ripple will change your lives
We came in alone and that is our ending. But also the in between
Life experience we move on and grow. Don’t be the perpetrator of your future by living in the past
Lives lost

I will change the world 🌎 for you

And God paved a new way. This chaos is clearing out making way for the new way 🌹🌹📚📚📚📚❤️👍👀🙏🙏🙏🌎🌎💪🏅👋🧠💯🙏🏡🤝✌️✍️✍️✍️✍️👣👣👣👣👮🏾‍♂️👩🏽‍🦰👮🏾‍♂️👩🏼‍🦱☘️☘️☘️🌱🌱🌱💥🌈🥊🥊🤽🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🏆🎧🎧🕰💜💜💞 all the changes to come.

Love ❤️ you angels 👼 thank you for your support and joining the fight for the next generations

GIGGLES THE POET I’m still working on getting a subscription set up for those who want 📚 recordings and DVD 📀 audios with poems and medicinal magic for the mind. I’ll be talking to someone to help me with building my website into the masterpiece God needs lol 😝 thanks 🙏 for your patience….. and if you have anything to suggest please help 😝 because I am just getting started and could use sound judgement and ideas. That’s what you’re here for. We’re all on this journey together Advice and Healing links to free stuff….audios for mind management brain 🧠 transformation, PDF and more. Join the BRAIN 🧠 WARRIORS TRIBE

what changes in my world 🌎 helps me change your world 🌎



I will not be broken

lord, I didn’t know what I truly looked like
Beneath the veil of strife and dust
But, I leave it all behind me now
Walking into the future with confidence and trust
I have the power to conquer life’s battles
And I can tame them before they begin
I teach a whole new way of thinking
That help us grow from within

I don’t need because I am lonely
I need because I crave variety
It keeps us growing, keeps us balanced
While we grow and understand love’s territory

Each day I ask myself better questions
I find solutions when my mind is still
And I know as I move into my future
That God has prophesized my mission in his will

(c) Giggles the Poet
May 26, 2017Hart

Angels, each day is awesome….look in the mirror and tell yourself that too!!! Love yourself warts and all….
You are always in my heart. Thank you for being in my new world..

Today’s Meditation:
Find your sweet, sacred space, set a timer for 10 – 20 minutes, soften, and relax. Focus all your awareness on your breath and your heart, invite stillness in Silently to yourself, or out loud. repeat the mantra:

“I follow the guidance of my heart.”

When your timer goes off release the mantra and be still for as long as you can. Enjoy the way you feel!

much love,
Giggles the Poet


a letter to myself

Hello my beautiful angels how are you thinking today? Well today was like no other, I actually was taught how to rebuild my website and I am very proud of the help that WordPress gave me and the knowledge I gained in the last 8 hours LOL

So now I started my website on a new note Literally LOL.  Another gift of knowledge.
I am exhausted but, God always keep talking so I have to keep Writing And that is what’s keeping me alive
No matter what the circumstances at the end of the day I will always go to bed with a smile on my face and several new poems for books ready to be  Shown to the world… 🕯🕯It’s my candle in the darkness

It won’t always be a lonely journey
Just be patient because as you grow
Your brain will start evolving
And you’ll know more than you thought you would know

God will always fill the silence
And he will provide you with a path
Stop feeling your head with negative voices
And make peace with the world when you go to bed

Don’t feel lost and lonely child
Are the comforting words you will hear
In your mind you’ll know your truth
So, push aside those doubts and fears

Angel, remember everyday that you awake
You have a mission to complete
You came here alone and you will leave the same way
So, make your mark and stand proud on your feet

(c) Giggles the Poet
January 31, 2020


Thank you lord for a beautiful day

Every day is a new day and every second is precious

Feng shui and life balance

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hello my angels, WOW tomorrow we get to get in on an awesome webinar on Feng Shui…..

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Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet

My walk-through Medical Madness-Medtronic device nightmare

Hello, my angels, I hope this note finds you well and inspired. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you say

There of been a lot more investigations in Toronto and the United States, regarding Medtronic medical devices that are doing more harm than good and sometimes killing people.

I was one of those guinea pigs then had two Medtronic devices in my body to help with nerve damage the result of misdiagnosis in 1985. My story below is what I sent to the investigators and the reporters as well as the Minister of health.

It’s time I broke my silence and showed proof that I have regarding consequences I suffered after having these devices put in my body and forgotten For seven years when the malfunctioned.  I pray to God that this does not happen to anyone else and that my story will make a difference in getting these issues taken more seriously. It’s a long story but it may save your life.reading it or somebody else’s that you love


There have been a lot of investigations lately regarding Medtronic medical devices malfunctioning.  My website has my story  Awareness and inspiration.

In 1985, at the age of 22, I had a work-related accident, I broke a rib in my upper back and it was misdiagnosed as “rhomboid muscle strain”   The doctor only did a regular X-ray which only showed a “hot-spot” as they called it.  And it was then that I went into the corrupt Worker’s Compensation system and the abuse and my walk-through medical madness began.

I knew that there was more wrong than muscle problems, yet nobody believed me. I was hysterical with pain and Worker’s Compensation labelled me and wrote me up as having PSTD and low back pain, among other things.  The first few months of being in the system I forced to go to their Rehab center, which was later closed because of abuse drugs and prostitution issues.

Despite the severity of my pain, I had to travel by bus for 40 minutes to the rehab five days a week from 9-5 pm.  I was forced to do a program of ultrasound, lifting weights and swimming which only made the pain worse causing me to collapse to the floor in pain, and they wrote me up as being uncooperative and bringing attention to myself.

Lifting weights and swimming caused my back to go into severe spasms making it hard to breathe.  Many times, after rehab I had to go to a doctor to have needles in my neck back and chest to stop the spasms and pain to help me breathe better.

Despite my telling Worker’s Compensation doctor at the clinic that I was getting worse they didn’t care and didn’t believe that I had anything physically wrong and suggested I go to see a psychiatrist. This lasted for several months and if I refuse to go, they would cut off my benefits, which they did many times.

From the reports I read in my medical file from Worker’s Compensation, they believed that I was not in any physical pain and that I was holding out for a disability pension.

These reports continued until 2008 saying “I cause problems for the adjudicators and that I was suffering from low back problems “. WSIB never really knew the extent of my injuries.

In 1985 saw a total of 18 specialists the first year and I was prostituted through pain clinics.  I was given anti-psychotic medications because they thought this was in my head.

God made me a great writer in 1985 and I kept detailed notes of everything that I was going through and every doctor I saw including prescription that I had been given. God made me a poet and for every loss, a poem was written.  Writing poetry became my lifeline and saved me from losing my mind.

I had a CT scan done December 1985 eight months after my injury. The CT scan showed a badly fractured rib in the T4 area of my upper back.  I was relieved that I finally had proof of a physical injury, but that did not seem to matter, and nobody did anything, but send me to pain clinics and I was put through painful nerve blocks among other modalities to try and stop the pain.

In December 1985, I had to admit myself into the hospital I was having breathing problems. I had been seeing a Nero surgeon there and he finally came into see me a week later

I showed him the CT scan and he sort of brushed it aside saying that he would do his own treatments.  Despite the pain I was in as he examined me, he didn’t care, and he did nothing.  He started me on nerve blocks which were so painful, and they seemed to make things worse.

While I was in the hospital, I was put through painful Spinal tap, tomogram and a body scan which only showed a hotspot in my upper back which doctors assumed was a tumour and I was told to come back in six months to see what developed.

I wasn’t getting anything more than Tylenol three to deal with the pain, which didn’t help, the pain was unbearable, breathing hurt to the point that I had to contact a doctor that I had been seeing and I had to leave the hospital to get a prescription of stronger pain medication.  He gave me a prescription of Demerol to help me and I went back to the hospital.

Several weeks later, I found out I was pregnant 14 weeks, and unfortunately, I was told that I could not have the pregnancy continue because of the medications and radiation and I had to have an abortion.  This sent me into such a state of depression all I wanted to do was die.

My husband tried to talk to the doctor to get some answers as to what was going on, and he seems to be avoiding us.  The painful nerve blocks weren’t doing anything but causing more pain and further depression.  All the nerve blocks did be freeze the muscles in the area around the broken rib and the freezing wore off hours later.

Eventually, I signed myself out of the hospital because I couldn’t take the pain or the painful nerve blocks anymore. I was a walking zombie, in a deep depression.   I had to return a couple of weeks later to have my child taken it out of my body and that was the worst day of my life. But nobody seems to care

Despite the pain and depression, I had to still find help to get this rib out of my body.  I was in such a state that I could barely talk.   I ended up writing a letter which I gave to doctors that I saw.  The letter explained everything I was going through since my accident and I pleaded with them to help me, to take this rib out of my body.  In my letter, I told them that I was overdosing on Sominex doing 50mg up to 10 a day, on top of the other medications, in order to keep the pain down to a level that was bearable.   But my letter didn’t seem to matter.  They said the rib would heal on its own…despite it being almost a year.

Sometimes I had to call poison control because I had done so much medication that I was afraid to close my eyes in case I died.   I explained to them it wasn’t my intention to kill myself but to manage the pain until I could find somebody to help me.

A doctor I was working with got me an appointment with a colleague of his.  I saw him in March and I gave him the same letter to read, I couldn’t speak without crying.  He read the letter respectfully in front of me. The letter also said f he sent me away I would go home and put myself to sleep permanently because I could not deal with this pain.

He examined me, and it only took a few seconds to realize that I was in trouble and this broken rib was not going to heal.

March 4, 1986, almost a year later I had my 1st operation to have the broken rib removed.   Because it had been left in my body for so long it had done internal damage causing nerve damage.  Callus had formed around the rib trapping nerves which had to be removed.

It wasn’t long after I left the hospital that Worker’s Compensation started harassing me about returning to work, they received the operational report but there was no mention of nerve damage.

After the operation, I was dealing with a different kind of pain as I was dealing with burning and spasms from the nerve damage nobody recognized I started working with a neurologist Send me to behavioural modification   Sent me to behavioural modification for my behaviour and deal with the pain better.

The operational report was not clear enough about me returning to work, and within a few months Worker’s Compensation assumed I was able to work and cut off my benefits and I had to find a job despite the severe pain, I had to pay rent and keep a roof over my head.

I contacted a lawyer to help get me reinstated.  I tried working as long as I could, but the pain, burning and spasms were too much to bear.  I contacted the surgeon and he sent a letter to WSIB telling them I couldn’t work.  And I was sent to a Neurosurgeon.   I went through more pain clinics and eventually went through behavioural modification to try to deal with my pain better.

After I finished Behavioural Modification, I went back to see the neurologist.  He suggested trying a medical device.  He said that it helped with nerve pain.

At this point, I was ready to try anything to help with the pain and burning.  I wasn’t told anything more

n 1991, I had my second operation to have a Pieces II implanted in my upper body.  I was semi-conscious during the operation because the machine had to be tested.  When it was tested, I was put to sleep to finish the operation.

When I woke up and freaked out to see wires hanging out of my back.  I was told that it was only temporary as they wanted to see if I got good results.

The device worked, and it took away the burning and pain. I had my third operation to put the wires in my back and the surgeon programmed the device, locked it into place and I went home.

I had 750 amps of electricity run through my body 24/7.  I needed 8-volt batteries which ran out in 4 hours.  Medtronic said that the device was running quite high and I eventually had industrial batteries which lasted longer.

These devices were a miracle, the electricity reduced my pain and I was able to return to the workforce.  I couldn’t return to my old job and had to be retrained for another career.  I still encountered difficulties trying to get use the force of electricity going through my body which drained me.

In 1992, I started a new job.  I tried to forget the nightmare I went through and tried to rebuild my life.  For almost seven years I lived a pain-free life.  Workers Compensation checked up on me once and after that, I was left alone.  When I had problems and needed more pain control, I contacted Medtronic and they would walk me through changing the settings.

In 1998 while at work, I was leaning up against my co-worker’s desk when I felt a jolt of electricity go through me with such force that it paralyzed me.  I couldn’t cry out, as my body contorted and my heart hurt, I thought I was going to die.  Eventually, my co-worker noticed something wrong and unplugged the device, my body collapsed to the floor and I had to leave work.

I saw my doctor and contacted the surgeon whom I had not seen since the operation.  He assumed the wires slipped and said he would operate to replace the device.

When I was electrocuted, I had to go back onto the worker’s compensation system, they called this a re-occurrence of my injury. I was not electrocuted, in 1985 I had a broken rib.  I was reinstated to WSIB and put back on my 1985 salary of $6 hr…despite making $10.00 hr with this job.

I had my 4th operation May 1998. I was implanted with a Quad X-Trail.  I thought I would return to work within a few months, but unfortunately, the operation wasn’t done correctly.   I went back to the surgeon who did the first implant and he wasn’t sure what happens said the wire might have slipped.

He set up a surgery date and I had my surgery in May 1998.   When the surgeon first walked into the OR he looked at me and asked me which leg we are operating on today.  Being sedated I sort of laughed it off but bells ringing in my head. During the operation, I wasn’t frozen enough and I started screaming and crying in pain.  I could feel what he was doing in my back.  I was crying, and this upset the surgeon he was telling me to calm down eventually the anesthesiologist put me out.

I was supposed to be semi-conscious when this machine was put in my body, as they did in 1991, to test the device to make sure it was stimulating in the right place. unfortunately, it wasn’t tested in the operating room before being sewed up.

I went home and a week later when I turn the device on, I felt the electricity running down the lower parts of my body, down my legs and when I turned it up higher to try and control the pain in my back, I lost the use of my legs.

When I tried walking, I would fall.   I contacted my doctor and I contacted the surgeon.  I was quite upset and left messages for him that I needed to see him.

I went to see him, but his demeanour was changed.  He sat across the room from me and he seemed upset that I had caused such a ruckus. I told him what was happening, that I couldn’t walk without falling.

He tried adjusting the machine and asked me to walk and saw that my legs were jiggling, and I was falling. He sat across the room from me and said there was nothing more he could do that I would have to live with pain or paralysis and that is what he said in the letter to my doctor.

He didn’t do an x-ray or anything else except get up and leave the room.  I was shocked and in tears that he expected me to live like this.  I couldn’t understand what was happening.  I felt like I was in a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from.

Because of him not helping me I had to find another surgeon. My doctor found me another surgeon who did an x-ray and realize that the wires were not in the right place as per the 1991 x-ray that was done.

He said that the wires would need to be readjusted but he said he would not be able to do it because the surgeon was a colleague of his and he didn’t want to step on any toes.  He told me to go back to the surgeon to get the wires fixed.   But by this time the relationship was damaged between us and I did not trust him, so I had to find another surgeon.

I spend the summer feeling like a prisoner in my house because I couldn’t get out anywhere, I couldn’t walk properly.  My doctor tried to get me into physiotherapy and we were fighting with Worker’s Compensation to get taxis.  My adjudicator denied the request several times and asked me to measure the distance between my apartment to the bus stop because he didn’t think I had anything seriously physically wrong and he said he didn’t care.  I fell down the stairs one day and hit my head causing a concussion.

My doctor contacted Medtronic in the U.S. and was told this device should have been monitored.  She eventually got a rep from Medtronic to try and help.  A rep came out to her office and we spent hours trying to adjust the device, but nothing worked.  This was causing my doctor so much stress, she wanted to refer me to another doctor.  I wrote her a letter pleading with her to stay with me.

She continued as my doctor and I was invited to her office on a Saturday.  It was then that I was introduced to her husband who was familiar with medical deuces.  And he confirmed that there was a hardware malfunction.

In 1999, my doctor found a new surgeon in Mississauga and I went to see him in he examined me and did an x-ray comparing both X-rays he that he would operate and reposition the wires. He said he would contact me with a surgical date he would have to get permission from WSIB

Days turned into months and months turn into years and the surgeon had not contacted me or my doctor my doctor send him letters faxes and tried calling and they were all ignored I tried calling him and left him any messages pleading with him to help me because I was in so much pain and depression is getting the better of me eventually my daughters husband took it upon himself to go to the surgeons office. Not leaving until he got an operation date.

In 2000, I got a call from work saying that they were letting me go because I have been off for so long.  I was heartbroken and that only adds to my depression because I thought that I would be back to work within a couple of months, but this medical madness had gotten worse.

After each electrocution, it took sometimes years to find medical help…..and when I did, I was abused by the medical system and Workers Compensation, only because I didn’t look the part, they wanted to see a person in pain in….

Had it not been for my co-workers on both occasions unplugging the device, it would have killed me.  I was paralyzed and couldn’t even cry out as the electricity kept going higher, my heart hurt, and I thought I was going to die.

I was ignored when I went to the hospital in 2009 with electricity running through my head, I waited for eight hours and all the doctor did was tell me to go to another town, or to the US to get help.  I wasn’t examined, and he gave me five muscle relaxants and that was it.  I spent the night with ice on my head and pain that was unbearable.

The next day I wrote my story and sent it to Peter Silverman, a reporter for City TV at the time.  God was watching over me for sure because within a few hours, I got a call from him and he called this a horror story and gave me the name of a neurologist as well as a Lawyer.  I couldn’t believe that out of all the emails this man must get, that he saw mine so quickly.

Nobody investigated these incidents, and this was swept under the rug by Medtronic and the Workers Compensation Board.  WSIB bought both devices without knowing why and without even talking to me.  And they stopped asking for doctor’s reports which might have saved me from going through what I did.

I was never notified about the device needing to be monitored, nor was I notified when the device was obsolete or needed to be replaced.

All the while I was dealing with a Medtronic CSR who would help me reprogram the machine when I needed, she never once warned me about these devices being removed/replaced.

I had my Fifth operation in 2002 The surgeon came in and held my hand saying that he would help me, and I had nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, the machine was not tested while I was in the operating room and once again when I turned the machine on the electricity was running down the lower part of my body it would go no higher than my abdomen. I screamed from the stress so upset I had to be sedated and the doctor came in saying that he would fix this and set a surgical date for two weeks. So, I left the hospital until my surgery date.

Two weeks later I went back to the hospital to have my 6th operation my body was mangled, and I was walking in a fog of depression. The machine was tested in the OR and when I turned it on it was working in the right place. I was so grateful despite all I had to go through

My last electrocution was in 2008 while working for the Federal MP, Tom Wappel…I was sitting at my desk talking to my co-worker when I moved my arm and felt a jolt of electricity run through my body paralyzing me once again.

It took awhile for my co-worker to notice something was wrong, she thought I was having a seizure…. all I could hear was her screaming not knowing what to do.  Eventually, she unplugged the device and my body collapsed.

My body has been so traumatized since this began in 1985, I no longer reacted. When I regained my senses, I got up and called Workers Comp and Medtronic.  Medtronic rep told me that this device was obsolete in 2003 and should have been removed.  I was told to find a surgeon and have the device removed/replaced.  They sent me out a loner and I was too afraid to turn it on.

I couldn’t find anyone to remove the device because they weren’t familiar with the device being in the thoracic area.

I saw a few surgeons between 2008-2009 but they couldn’t do anything they were not familiar with this device being on the thoracic spine and they didn’t want or didn’t feel comfortable doing the operation I was told to call my previous surgeon, But he had retired shortly after my operation.

I did contact the previous surgeon and found out that he was semi-retired so I went to see him, and he said that he would operate and told me he would contact WSIB.  And the same thing happened like in 2000, he forgot about me and did not respond to my phone calls or letters. So, I contacted the college of physicians and surgeons and asked them to investigate this whole case. I was sent a letter telling me that they couldn’t force the surgeon to do anything, but they would send him a letter.

I had been in contact with the WSIB be throughout this and I was told that they had not heard from the surgeon. He eventually called me saying that he sent to Worker’s Compensation to approve the operation but had not heard from them.

He apologizes for not answering my letters or calls and agreed to do the operation. And he asked me to stop the investigation with the College of physicians and surgeons. Which I did because I needed to have a machine removed and I was afraid he would not do it.

They also investigated surgeon who had done the botched operation into008. And his letter to them said he was not aware of the problems that I had told them about. Which was a lie because I have a letter stating what he did and said. But the college of the oceans and surgeons really did nothing except send them a letter.

I did find a letter in my Worker’s Compensation file he had sent them, but they had not responded. Yet they told me that they had not heard anything from him.

The 7th Operation was in 2010, unfortunately, the surgeon could only remove the transmitter and a small wire……the machine had grown into my spine and couldn’t be removed, and the wires were covered in so much scar tissue, they couldn’t be removed.  So, I am left with a device on my spine and I don’t’ know what the consequences will be in the future.  I cannot work, due to the pain and medications.

I went back for a check up and the surgeon sent me to have an MRI.  The day I went for the MRI, was another wake-up call.  The technician came out and spoke to me and said: “you can’t have an MRI because of the device in your body.”  She said that the MRI would pull the device from my body…….

I was stunned.  The surgeon should have known that this would have happened!!  What if the technician didn’t notice I wrote down on the form that I had a stimulator in my body, or what if I forgot to mention it.   All I can say was that fear went through me as hard as the electricity that I had to deal with.

I contacted the Administrator of the hospital.  But, got a sorry…..he was semi-retired, ready to retire, what could they do?

I have never been compensated for the 7 operations that caused further injuries and the Workers Compensation Board crucified me for 35 years, saying in reports that I had low-back problems and caused problems with the adjudicators.  I was fighting for my life and wouldn’t let these people throw me to the wolves…. cut off my benefits or ignore my voice.

Worker’s Compensation barely knows what is wrong with me and they don’t care by their reports I was finally put on permanent disability in 2015 And my supplement was reduced. Despite me making more money at both new jobs I was still being paid six dollars an hour from my 1985 job.

get a disability award they call it of $500 a month which is a tragedy considering what my body and mind have gone through in the scars and patched operations that I had to go through and having these machines almost kill me.

We are being used as guinea pigs and we are maimed further by ignorance.   I know one day God will see restitution, but I will never stop fighting for my rights I’ve been fighting for justice for 35 years……it’s time the truth be told.

If we have a problem with our automobile, we get better attention and care from the people assigned to our case. Worker’s Compensation literally sends people into poverty we are injured further by their ignorance. Because I would not fit in their box they crucified me for being injured trying to make it seem like it was all in my head we are labelled and sent into a whole new different concentration camp.

I know God keeps me alive for a reason.  Sometimes I don’t know that reason and wonder if death would be easier.  To know I survived an abusive childhood, not knowing a foundation long enough to call it home….from one foster home to another…..and when I left at seventeen, I left without taking anything with me……

I came to Toronto in 1979 and made a great life for myself, lots of friends, a home, started school, had dreams……a place that was safe and people who loved me I was free from chaos or destruction.

To have all that taken away and have to spend the rest of my life maimed by ignorance, being abused by the medical system and the Workers Compensation system.   to only know 6 years of freedom.

I fought for my life…..not this life.  And because I stood up to them, or went above their heads, my life turned into a nightmare.  No apologies for the loss of 2 children that I could have by my side now….and never given time to mourn, until I was editing my book, “GIVE ME A SECOND,” that was published in August and had to read over my life story, told through poems that God helped me write.  I’m so thankful that I have my writing because I would have given in…..and I wouldn’t be on this earth.

Sad to say that such evil exists in human beings, and I sat with the devil all my life it seems…….there is nothing wrong with my mind, now or then, to say that I was causing myself pain…..If my mind could survive my childhood, it certainly wouldn’t be turning against me and causing pain.

I met with the President and Vice President of the WSIB many times, asking them to investigate my file because of the convoluted mess that was inside and nothing came of it.  I was asked to do a video so the WSIB could understand the problems we go through, I went through, he said that it would sensitize their workers.  OMG….if anyone needs to be sensitized, they shouldn’t be in the position of helping injured people.

I watched the video, (and I’ll put it online) but it broke my heart to hear myself tell this nightmare to the same people that caused it.

WSIB paid thousands of dollars for these devices to be put in our bodies, yet they know nothing about the device, nor did they have any information about these devices in my medical file.  They never contacted me before or after the operations, and they stopped asking for medical reports once I went back to the workforce.  To know this is scary.

We are the only ones that can protect our children and theirs……for the Government to turn a blind eye for so long according to reports that have been in the news lately…….and the FDA…

I sent reports to the FDA, called them, as well as the Human Rights Commissioner Barbara Hall and the Labour Minister, I spoke with several MP’s, got the “oh I’m so sorry” speel…….and my file or notes probably went into a file and that’s it….

Nobody did anything…..I had to fight for my life, so once I contacted anyone, I didn’t have time to sit and follow up with them….they should have contacted me…….God made me a writer and I wrote everything down…, I can go back one day and ask them WHY?

i recently saw a lawyer who said that I needed to look like I was in pain…that I should look dishevelled if I wanted to go after WSIB for compensation.  To hear that made me cry……a tear slid down my face and I got up and left the office.  OMG….is that what it comes down to?

Unfortunately yes, because when I investigated my WSIB medical file, I saw reports that said, “She didn’t look in pain,” or look uncomfortable enough for them to believe I had anything wrong.    I had one doctor say, “you can’t be in too much pain if you’re smiling!!”  it still makes my heart hurt.

I’m usually silent and that got me nowhere…I don’t like to make a ruckus…but reading the newspapers and hearing people are being killed, or paralyzed by these devices…..and doctors are using them carelessly, without informing the patient of the full consequences……

The INBETWEEN’S, what a person doesn’t say makes a difference.  And there is so much more that I haven’t said about WSIB’s LMR return to work training schools.  That is another horror story.


I returned the cross that I had to bear in 2015 when I had my last meeting with WSIB.  I finally got them to recognize me as being permanently injured and was put on “permanent disability.”  The same manager who wrote in reports that “I had low back problems, and caused problems for my adjudicators” was now the Director.  And I met him eye to eye to tell him how he ruined my life.  All he did was hang his head….

I had a lawyer with me from the Injured Workers Consultants Group, but since I’ve been handling this case for 35 years, he was there as a sounding board.  I had the floor and I laid and their dirt out for them.

I made them a promise that one day I’d be back to take them down.  That I would be rich enough to shut their doors and open a place that would help people respectfully and not put them in poverty.

We pay into this system from the day we are working……so, we are the ones who should decide on how things are run, not following some hundred-year-old policy.  The lawyer said that there wasn’t enough money for them to compensate me for the damages done to my body, mind and life over the last 35 years.

They had a scale for assessing someone’s injuries…and that is how we are deemed.  I get a $500 disability!!!  monthly…that’s a crime.  And when they put me on permanent disability, my income was reduced by $200.

I wish I was a lawyer, I’d take them to court and have this case heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.  There are so many human rights violations and it was all swept under their rugs.

The poems in my book tell a story in a way that shows growth, not regret.  Not bitterness, but new perceptions……I won’t let them take that from me.  And I’ve written many poems for them over the years, sending poetry along with my report on what was happening at the time.

All I can say is God have mercy on their soul……

Thank you for reading my story


Brenda Keough

647 298 3587

At this point, I have nothing to lose, but God kept me here to protect his angels, and I won’t let this go.  Today, I am a Counsellor, Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Advocate., helping God’s angels with life challenges.  Since I’ve been a prisoner in my home more than I’ve been in society, I made it my sanctuary.  I learn every day and write poetry on what I learn.  .  I am now working on my second book of poetry and it is far different than my first. So, I’m here if you need help.

My mission and passion are showing God’s angels how beautiful and unique they are and how powerful the mind is.  I have amassed a library of training and self-development that I share with my clients.  Everyone should have the opportunity to get to know the real person they are…not what society dictates.

You can recreate your life and create your life by design.   Show the world your uniqueness…..and STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS.

Nothing like this will happen again, not on my watch.  Next week I’m going to the Star to speak with a reporter and I’ll keep going until we are noticed and our stories are known and something is done.

God bless, my angels, thank you for coming into my world.   We’re in it together….

                                          INSPIRATION IS OUR NAME Awareness and inspiration. Sign up and help me fight this war the more voices that we have the more we can change the systems. These scars are my armour, but this should never happen to a human being God will take care of restitution this is the result of 7 operations.  The disc you see was put in my abdomen, that was the transmitter that went haywire, it looks corrosive…..and I wonder what the machine on my spine looks like and if that too gets corrosive.

The other box that looks like a transistor radio, was programmed and locked into place and had a cover….and to this day Medtronic hasn’t told me how it could override the program, sending such electricity through my body that paralyzed me instantly……..OMG to think that one investigation spoke of a man who was paralyzed by his device……I thank the good Lord for looking out for me.


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Love and hugs

Giggles the Poet

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Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet


30-year-crossWe can release the cross…

After my accident in 1985, God made me a writer. And each poem tells a different story, but in the end, there are two sides to every coin and more than one way out…
These poems I wrote in my isolation, kept me sane, helped me look outside the things that people do, sometimes consciously, unconsciously……. and find a greater inner strength than I thought I would ever have….It’s never too late and we’re never too old to dream….You are the CREATOR…

Pain has many faces
And, so many are still blind to mine
They teach me first to work with pain
Then I’m condemned by these same people gone blind
I’m carrying a thirty-year torch for my freedom
And, as I walk away from this cross
I will put it back on your shoulders
The heavy weight that I carried is my thirty-year loss
Take your eyes and raise them to heaven
And, turn around and look at me
You make me fight hard for my beautiful life
All your actions in the past made me a prisoner you see
I will walk proudly away from this thirty-year battle
But, with a small bit of advice, I will give
When you count how many injured people you took down
How many torches you put out, when they fought hard to live
Raise your eyes to the beautiful heavens
Feel your weight on the ground
Then turn and look me in the eyes again
That’s the weight that I carried from my thirty-year crown
I can say I forgive, you gave me courage
And, for the last thirty-years God has kept me alive
And, as I walk out of my prison across this beautiful earth
I will have an army of angels steadfast by my side…
© Brenda Keough
March 13, 2015
10: 15 am.

Notes: on my poem
Our injuries are called invisible. Nobody could see my broken rib and because it wasn’t visible, it was thought that I had psychological issues…..Wise words are spoken to share, not continue in silence…it defeats the purpose of the writing….the time, event and circumstances….
I was lost for thirty-three years in medical madness. A fate I do not want for anyone else. Advocate, stand your ground, know yourself and you will change how you are seen.
Like one of my poems state…” THERE IS ALWAYS MORE THAN ONE WAY OUT….




Hello angels, welcome to my story.  One I hope that will inspire you to become greater than what I had to live through……through this journey, I have rebuilt my mind and body, after 34 years of medical madness, I’m EMPOWERED AND EMPOWER OTHERS TO STEP INTO THEIR GREATNESS.

They say that “SILENCE IS GOLDEN” But, nothing could be further from the truth. Silence keeps us unaware and hidden in the layers of society, as patterns continue from generation to generation without change.

I broke my silence in 2015, going online at Cosmofunnel to tell this story and met others with similar experiences with Neurotransmitters and .So often we are overlooked by doctors and our voices are silenced by medications……BREAK YOUR SILENCE….and learn how to use the power of your mind and LIFE SKILLS FOR PILLS.

I recently put up a video that explains my poem….

Old memories plague me in the darkness
And as they rear their ugly head
They only remind me of all that I’ve lost
My life, my freedom, and my children are dead
Dear God, please forgive my anger
For these many transgressions that I see
But all the madness that I have lived through
Almost got the better of me
I have no need for food or sleep
What I crave most are the sun and air
But, when I look out the window of my sanctuary
I see no signs of the truth out there
Dear God, it’s you I’ve turned to the most
For answers, for courage and faith
And as I read these medical reports of cruelty
Anger washes over me, replacing the hate
My Lord, I have, but five days to go
Can I hold onto the hope this doctor will come to my aid?
I can’t close my eyes; I can’t find any rest
From the pain these surgeons continually create
I see clearly such torture in one operation
And I shake with the echo of hearing my pleas
During this procedure, I felt what they were doing
And when I slipped into unconsciousness, fear followed me
When I woke up in recovery, I felt only doom
Because all I’ve done for so long was cry and beg
Now I felt something different when I turned on my machine
The current was not reaching my back but was running down both my legs
The first surgeon that implanted this medical device
Offered me a choice between paralysis and pain
And as I read these words again in my medical file
It leaves me reeling in sorrow, reeling in shame
Once again, I was sent back to my prison of silence
I lost the job that I loved and my friends of nine years
I kept searching for help, but no one would touch me
And each night I lay down, on my pillow of tears
It took three long years to find another surgeon
He said he would operate and put the wires in place
He smiled as he spoke and promised to help
I smiled back through my fear, as I looked up at his face
I believed what he promised, but I felt like a fool
As I waited daily in my bed for his call
Depression took over, as days turned into months
He couldn’t be reached; I was climbing the walls
My doctor’s husband took over and went to his office
Not leaving until he got my surgery date
Workers Compensation harassed me, wouldn’t leave me in peace
They wanted me back to work, and they wouldn’t wait
The day finally came; I had my fifth operation
Another stranger opened me up, creating a mess
When I woke up much later, I felt such foreboding
I turned on my machine, and I screamed from the stress
Something was wrong; the current was closer
But, it still gave me no comfort as it had done years before
I looked up at my doctor, and as I was being sedated
I wondered how I would get over being sliced open once more
Two weeks later, I was back for my next operation
I tried to prepare my mind for what was to come
This sixth operation was finally completed
I went home feeling gratitude for what he had done
Alone with my sorrow, my body felt mangled
I recovered slowly a few more years gone
I asked God for assistance in clearing my heart
As I tried to forgive the ones who had done me wrong
Five years passed, and I got lost in depression and pills
Now, I needed Workers Compensation to help me update my skills
The office software had changed from five years ago
And when I asked my adjudicator for help, but I received a flat “No.”
I was still in grave shock as I hung up the phone
There was no one beside, me I felt completely alone
I needed some hope I then called her manager
The kindness in his voice helped soothe some of my anger
I have paid into this system from the time I was ten
They cared nothing about me or the hell I’d been in
I asked them for help; their stoic response caused me shame
It seemed every report they wrote, said, “I had low back pain”
I questioned my pension wondering what that was based on
When I told them the truth, they treated me like a con
I asked them why would I lie, or pretend to have pain?
They paid me such meager wages; I had nothing to gain
These machines, they paid thousands of dollars for, electrocuted me twice
I know if it happened again, death would be rolling the dice
The adjudicator asked me nothing, and they cared even less
My depression got worse, my mind and body were a mangled mess
When I cried on the phone, they had no empathy
They said those were the rules; they had to follow policy
I had to hustle my body, even though I was a wreck
Other resources wouldn’t help me, and I would receive no cheque
It has been twenty-nine years and all that I know
Are the mangled scars on my back, things that won’t show
I still fight in a system that refuses to care
And each day I ask God, what’s the reason I’m here?
© Brenda Keough
March 13, 2014

Silence serves no purpose other than letting the patterns of ignorance, chaos, and destruction continue from one generation to the next…. it’s time to BREAK YOUR SILENCE! The facts that stare me in the face when I opened my Workers Compensation medical file, was enough to make me BREAK MY SILENCE. Now I have a voice.

A broken rib in 1985 and a misdiagnosis, of “Rhomboid muscle strain,” caused the biggest challenges I have ever experienced in my life. Sending me on a fight for my life, rights to medical attention and to find someone to acknowledge I had a broken rib and not “muscle problems.”

But, too many times I was turned away because they believed I only suffered from PSTD. I knew that if I survived my childhood, I could survive anything, and there were many times I didn’t think I would see the next day, but I made it, by the grace of God…..I found a way and kept going.

I was judged on my appearance because I didn’t look the way anyone wanted, and they couldn’t see the pain, it was said that I was exaggerating, and when they found out about my abusive childhood, they said I was dealing with PSTD?

I trusted the Psychiatrist Workers Comp sent me too, and despite them saying that “information was confidential,” I found my life throughout my medical file and that was used against me. Nothing was confidential and all that I said in private, was in my files for everyone else to judge further….
I often wondered, had I told them a different story, I wonder what would have been different?

Misdiagnosis happens more than we think, or hear about. To think that a simple broken rib would cause such so much internal damage, heartache, losses, and destruction in this day is a crime.

This picture above is the result of six unnecessary operations I suffered after the broken rib was removed in 1986, almost a year later, when a CT scan was finally done.
The result of that was that I was left with internal damage to muscles and nerve damage that caused further problems and pain.

Then five years later in 1991, I was introduced to a medical device that was forgotten time and again, causing more internal damage and problems. And Workers Compensation who paid for these devices without knowing why seems to know nothing more and didn’t care, but the lies I see in their reports they sent out, reports that only caused more judgments and crucified me in the process

The picture next to it is called a Medtronic Neurotransmitter, (spinal column stimulator.) This was inserted into my body in 1991, then 1998, 2000 – as an experiment, to stop nerve pain. Prior to my having this inserted in my thoracic spine, it was only used for the lower extremities. So, I became the guinea pig they forgot to monitor, and I paid the price and it almost cost me my life on two occasions.

I wore these devices 24/7. This device would send 750 amps of electricity through my nervous system, stopping the pain. and was able to return to the workforce at least for seven years….and for seven years I lived not in the past, but tried to rebuild my world. I could never have any more children after I lost the 2nd child that was growing inside me. Everything was taken from me, time and again.

I was never monitored medically, as these machines are supposed to be, nor did the manufacturer, or WSIB monitor these, instead they pushed me back into the workforce, and I was forgotten by everyone for seven years. They are supposed to be monitored every six months and changed three years later.

The device became a part of me like breathing….it did stop pain…it was my miracle, but a curse. And now it’s grown into my spine, the wires can’t be found, and I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will never wear another device, or be cut open again.
Unfortunately, I was left to suffer the consequences of this device malfunctioning and electrocuting me internally on two occasions while at work. Had I not been at work, I would have died.

On two occasions while at new jobs, and without warning, the machine suddenly went haywire when I shifted my body, and as the force of electricity rose in my body, I was paralyzed, couldn’t cry out, could only cry silently, as my body contorted, and my heart hurt almost beating out of my chest, I almost blacked out from the force. Had it not been for my co-workers unplugging the cord from the transmitter, or had I been anywhere else that day, it would have killed me.

These electrocutions, botched surgeries, and further injuries have been swept under the carpet by each Workers Compensation adjudicator on my case. They didn’t care how much I had to fight each time for medical care and they still have no idea about what really happened, nor do they care. I searched for medical help that came much too late, delayed by an adjudicator.

Because of ignorance, I lost two children and the losses continued accumulating, but for every loss God made up for with beautiful words of poetry that kept me sane, helping me find a better perspective on looking at the situations I was up against. giving me the courage and strength to fight for my rights……

I will have my first book out in the New Year, I call it “GIVE ME A SECOND. INSPIRATIONAL POETRY.” That is where the heartache began and ended….now I get to rewrite my story with a different ending. I’m grateful I survived so I can continue advocating and God’s writing which has turned into Counselling poetry…..

I can only pray that my experiences, won’t become the experience of someone else. I was twenty-two when this happened. A frightened young girl, in pain and up against some pretty big doctors….and I fought these battles, for the most part, requesting my medical case be investigated, but like my words, they were lost on many.

We need to make changes to the way we are treated by this Workers Compensation Board and by the doctors who are like a revolving door, they write prescriptions after prescriptions without care, not investigating, nor looking us in the eye asking, “what is going on,” as in my case.

And the only one suffering the consequences is us, our mind, body, life and financial futures. We are reduced to a poverty level that never changes. Losing our health benefits, medical benefits and sometimes our houses and families, because we have no help from our Government and doctors don’t want to work with WSIB cases. As I was turned away so often….

I did what God wanted me to do…kept detail notes and names, and that my angels, is what will come back to haunt this country and those involved.
It’s time doctor’s realized that we do know our bodies and they should be happy to share in our knowledge, instead of silencing us with medications that will, in the end, kill us, or make us addicts, or just “text-book” guessing, instead of investigating.

Had a doctor done a CT scan at the time, my life I know would not have been like this. But, because they saw nothing on a X-ray, and only reports before seeing me, that was my cross to bear. And many said they didn’t care. WSIB’s convoluted reports from day one stated first that I was a 63-year old with “low back problems….and the “low back problems reports that crucified me never changed until 2008.

God will take care of justice and retribution and I will find a way to make changes to this corrupt Workers Compensation system that discards injured workers like garbage, and their carelessness, lack of understanding is causing only us more depression, injuries and sometimes death.

We think we have a system in place to protect us when we are injured, but we don’t. And if we don’t, WHY ARE WE PAYING INTO THIS SYSTEM? We don’t have a system that protects us when we are injured on the job, we have a system that puts us into a new “CONCENTRATION CAMP,” we are assigned a number and they do everything in their power to get us off the system from day one.

The Workers Compensation adjudicator’s shame us, and we are crucified and we alone, pay a heavy price for being injured, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. It’s a system that buries their dead under outdated policies.

I can only hope that my story will help you protect yourself, and your children, as well future generations from knowing, or experiencing these nightmares. I have God to thank for my life, from the time I was born, I was born only knowing a world of chaos, abuse, pain, and losses. It was God that protected me as a child, and it was God that protected me as much as he could as an adult. And I thank him every day for giving me the strength, courage, and wisdom to grow and know that the world I build now, offers me so much more.

My mission has just begun……AND GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOULS or anyone else that gets in the way of me helping others.


I fought WSIB every year for 32 years. In meetings, many times, and was asked to do a video for them in 2010, to sensitize their workers, into understanding the problems we face…still face. Nothing was done.   And I have a copy of that video as well, it broke my heart to hear it.

I survived seven unnecessary operations, two electrocutions and years of taking chemicals for pain, depression, walking through a fog…which leaves me with a lifetime of nerve damage known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Nobody recognizes this to this day.  I’ve never been compensated for the further injuries and losses.  And the injustice is that I was out there many times, rebuilding my life, making more money than I did in 1985…and because of negligence, I get put back on this WSIB system after both electrocutions caused me to be taken down…and WSIB called it a “recurrence of my injury.” My injury was a broken rib, NOT Electrocutions and NOT “Rhomboid muscle strain,” as was misdiagnosed.

It is only because of forgotten medical devices malfunctioning….never getting medical attention when I needed it, waiting for years for help, while I paid the price and lost my jobs, and place in society. And to know that I have a machine that grew into my spine and cannot be removed scares me.

I became my own lawyer fighting this case for 34 years. I am still on Workers Compensation Disability getting the $6hr, that I got in 1985, combined with my disability pension which is a travesty that will be corrected hopefully one day…and it all adds up to $1200.00. monthly. And each year they want to cut me off.

I became a Counsellor in 2014, “with Honors,” I work with clients to EMPOWER THEM through retraining and working on their ENERGY & VIBRATIONS.  God gave me a mission, and my passion is advocating and helping mend the mind of other angels, helping them find their purpose and make their mark with more understanding and empowering life skills, tools.

I have thousands of resources, and do up content for my clients specific to their needs.   I share the same Brain training and resources that got me out of hell, giving me a new lease on life. I am trying to rebuild my life after 34 years, and one day I dream of making a living my way, to finally get off this unforgiving system.

I became a stronger advocate after I learned to heal through my study of Counselling. then I found a way to heal my mind, body, and spirit, through Brain Training and Frequency music.

I call that my Fork in the Road, a new truth was born from a consciousness I didn’t know I had – a truth that provides answers for the Spirit, Mind, and Body. I will share information concerning self-healing using sound, vibration, and frequencies that can clear, cleanse, balance, and focus our lives in all its forms.

Some of the frequencies of music I used, and still use today are called the ancient Solfeggio frequencies are part of a process that can assist us in creating the possibility of lives without stress, illness, and sickness, and sometimes pain. You learn a new level of mind command and a new way of reducing pain.  I’ll always have pain, but, I can now live with that in a whole new way without pills, as God leads me into a future of change.

Together we will go to the cutting edge of scientific discoveries regarding sound and healing, and gather in this crucial time of change and transformation on the planet. Join me and others who do not live in fear of the future. Just tune your inner ear and listen to these wonderful new ideas and technologies.

I share the techniques of working with sound and, more specifically all the resources that helped me get to where I am now. My hope is that we can all find the harmonics of our own individual music, and that through this process we will be enabled to live balanced lives.

I’m out of the mind maze of 32 years, I retrained my brain, and grew in ways I’ve never thought I’d live to see.

God kept me alive for a reason….I’m coming back like a tsunami, to give voice to the past that they forget…and the injured workers they maim.

God speaks to me daily and I write counseling poetry.  My angels, I hope through me, you too will find the courage to want to know more…..because you can.  I came back from the dead and so can you….Rebuild your life your way, YOU ARE THE CREATOR 🙂

If you would like to have access to free content, music, brain tips and strategies, please feel free to join me, “Advice and Healing page links to free stuff.” on Facebook,   I put up information that will empower your mind and you in ways you only dreamed.

You can contact me for a free 30 minute session to find out how to THINK BETTER AND REWRITE YOUR STORY….

I’m making it 🙂 and so can you, my angels. Together we can take this system out and change it to one that is caring and respectful. I can live with pain, but I won’t live with Workers Compensation destroying others…….not on my watch!!

Giggles Counselling & Consulting


Step into your greatness. You can change the meanings of what you think… creative and challenge any negativity…..
or –
You do get to choose the meanings in your mind….
I stand alone, but 10, 000,000 or more stand with me….




It’s time to shut my brain down
And as I finally call it a night
I look back on the day I had
And finally, see what God had me write

My brain feels alive and hard-wired
And I hope that I get some sleep
Because I’m building a new foundation
With many dreams beneath my feet

I know many angels are standing with me
And I know as we make a new path
We will wipe out negativity
With a greater vibrational wrath

And all we’ll see when we look behind us
Are the children of the future
We’ll give them better shoes to walk in
We’ll help them think, as we continue to nurture

We’ll teach them how to grow empowered
As they grow stronger, they will see
They have complete control of their lives
And they’re in control of their destiny

(c) Giggles the poet
November 14, 2017
11:51 am

Day 1= HOPE