It’s time to shut my brain down
And as I finally call it a night
I look back on the day I had
And finally, see what God had me write

My brain feels alive and hard-wired
And I hope that I get some sleep
Because I’m building a new foundation
With many dreams beneath my feet

I know many angels are standing with me
And I know as we make a new path
We will wipe out negativity
With a greater vibrational wrath

And all we’ll see when we look behind us
Are the children of the future
We’ll give them better shoes to walk in
We’ll help them think, as we continue to nurture

We’ll teach them how to grow empowered
As they grow stronger, they will see
They have complete control of their lives
And they’re in control of their destiny

(c) Giggles the poet
November 14, 2017
11:51 am

Day 1= HOPE