Your gaze wanders to the mirror
As you put powder on with grace
But deep fear shows in your eyes
As you try and hide the bruises on your face

Your gaze stares back to haunt you
With a truth you see and cannot disguise
How much more make-up will it take
To cover up these many lies?

You stumble to your closet
To find your clothing and piece by piece
You put them on with trembling hands
Wondering when your pounding heart will cease

You wrap your broken, battered ribs
And wince as you draw breath
You wear your biggest, brightest smile
And walk back into the arms of death

Upon her tombstone, it was written
Please pay heed to what you look upon’
For I am free at last, but among my regrets
Is that I’ll never see the beauty of your lives as you go on…..

(c) Giggles the Poet

Abuse affects all of us.  Break your silence…you are never alone