alone in a crowd

God is listening, speak to him, child
Clear your soul of the hurt, for just a while
Feel the strength of the sunlight that brightens your day
This will protect you and drive the dark forces away

God is listening, child, don’t be afraid to speak
Because his arms will always carry you when you feel weak
Remember your journey starts with one step
Let go of the turmoil, close your eyes, just forget

God is speaking, child hear his kind words
Put down all your defences, you’ll grow and be heard
Remember the legacy, that which is you
God gives you a new day, move forward and be true

God is listening, child, let go of your pain
You are rebuilding your mind and a new world again
You may feel like you’re alone in this great big world
Let go of the memories of that little girl

Let go of the hurt, the pain, and the tears
God is listening with both ears
He’ll be there for you when others turn away
He promised you as a child, that he’ll always stay

He won’t get angry, my angel, do not fear
You’ve seen enough of anger, enough of lies and despair
There’s too much cost when you look behind
Don’t hold on to the past, it wasn’t real, wasn’t kind
Speak up, my angel, God will put hope back in your heart

And no other living soul will tear you apart
Feel the fear, my angel, then just let it go
God is walking beside you, and he’ll watch you grow

(c) Giggles the Poet
April 13, 2018
6:41 p.m.

When you begin changing, you find out who is really in your life, don’t despair, feel the losses, emotions and let them go…..because on the other side of loneliness, God is always waiting to bring you back to a family that only grows stronger, as will you.

It may feel scary, losing others you thought were good for your life, but, people come into your life for a reason, they stay, or they leave, whatever reason they were there, it was a learning lesson.  Take with you the good memories, let go of the good, and know that it’s your growth, your transformation at the end of your journey that you will look back with pride, knowing you didn’t stop, fear or falter ….

You are beautiful and worthy of only the best of everything and everyone 🙂

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