We can release the cross…

After my accident in 1985, God made me a writer.  And each poem tells a different story, but in the end, there are two sides to every coin and more than one way out…

These poems I wrote in my isolation, kept me sane, helped me look outside the things that people do, sometimes consciously, unconsciously……. and find a greater inner strength than I thought I would ever have….It’s never too late and we’re never too old to dream….You are the CREATOR…

 Pain has many faces
And, so many are still blind to mine
They teach me first to work with pain
Then I’m condemned by these same people gone blind

 I’m carrying a thirty-year torch for my freedom
And, as I walk away from this cross
I will put it back on your shoulders
The heavyweight that I carried is my thirty-year loss

 Take your eyes and raise them to heaven
Then turn around and look at me
You make me fight hard for my beautiful life
All your actions in the past made me a prisoner you see

 I will walk proudly away from this thirty-year battle
But, with a small bit of advice, I will give
When you count how many injured people you took down
How many torches you put out when they fought hard to live

 Raise your eyes to the beautiful heavens
Feel your weight on the ground
Then turn and look me in the eyes again
That’s the weight that I carried from my thirty-year crown

 I can say I forgive, you gave me courage
And, for the last thirty-years God has kept me alive
And, as I walk out of my prison across this beautiful earth
I will have an army of angels steadfast by my side…

 © Giggles the Poet
March 13, 2015
10: 15 a.m.

Notes: on my poem

Our injuries are called invisible.  Nobody could see my broken rib and because it wasn’t visible, it was thought that I had psychological issues…..Wise words are spoken to share, not continue in silence…it defeats the purpose of the writing….the time, event and circumstances….

I was lost for thirty-three years in medical madness.  A fate I do not want for anyone else.  Advocate, stand your ground, know yourself and you will change how you are seen.

 Like one of my poems state…” THERE IS ALWAYS MORE THAN ONE WAY OUT….







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