The next time someone makes you feel like you’re not good enough… smile and tell them “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

Lord, I know I’ve said these words a million times before
“I have had enough, and I can’t take this anymore”
I will never understand, and I guess I’ll never see
How any man thinks he has the right to take away a woman’s peace
Lord, you’re the only one I speak to daily
And you always bless me with the wisest replies
He either sleeps, or walks around in a maze
And his foundation is built on silent darkness and lies
Lord, the ground your angel walks upon, has been caving in for years
And I keep fighting for someone’s life when I know they do not care
Lord, I know you give us all a choice and it seems he has made his decision
So, there’s nothing more I can do, except make my own life revisions
Each day you keep me focused on my path and you’re helping me build my trilogies
And the books you are helping me put together, are changing so much inside of me
Lord, you give me lots of writing, and you Change my perspective along the way
So, I will no longer let people trigger my emotions, this is not a game, and I’m not here to play
Lord, it’s so, hard sharing a space with someone that has such negative vibes
I’m an empath and I pick up energies, so, there’s no place for me to hide
So, I leave my house; I plug in my mind magic, and I take myself for a long walk
And when I’m feeling so off balance inside, God and I will get to have a talk
So, I will not be driven from my home, from my sanctuary
I put a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears and no ones taking this peace from me
So, While God shares his poems and I write , working hard from dusk till dawn
I feel a new power come over me, and my courage and passion are strong
I no longer care about judgements, and I will let you cast the first stone
Because your judgments are based on a figment from a memory you alone helped grow

© Giggles 🤭 the Poet
August 25, 2020

 God and I have been working from dusk till dawn, I’m lucky I get any sleep anymore but I’m not complaining because the work that he is sharing with me is incredible and it’s giving me such empowering feelings.    I know that I’m going through a lot of changes right now personally, physically, mentally and spiritually and God is keeping me busy and making me stronger for the changes to come because changes will come being in a world of silence and ice isolation is it no longer acceptable for me.

 I have too much to offer the world, to share with the world and I can’t let my spirit be taken down by somebody that is negative and does not want to grow.

 I have done all I can and as far as I’m concerned, my duties are over, “ you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink”

I’m grateful that the poetry God shares with me gives me such perspectives on the situations I find myself in and it makes it easier to look at from an outside view.  Not much comes out of bad relationships, but I know that I have grown in ways that I never thought I could, and learned from lessons that will help the world learn as well when deciding how they want to live their lives with another person.

So, my  Angels know that you are stronger than you think and you can make yourself stronger no matter what the circumstances . Circumstances always change and each time we wake up and take a breath that means God gives us another chance to change our circumstances .

Walk with love and light . I love you Giggles the Poet  Advice and healing

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