My angels, what are we really seeing?
And why are we being told?
Are you questioning anyone’s orders?
Are you one of societies robots in a herd growing old?
When you look in the mirror each morning
What picture is it appears
Do you keep yourself busy, so you do not see it
Because you’re afraid to face too many fears?
Who told you, you couldn’t or wouldn’t
And what made you believe that tall tale?
Because if you’re still stuck in a rut and believing
Then you’ve created a lifetime in a prison call the jail
No one else can help us from drowning
But God will always offer his hand
Pick and choose what you do but be mindful
You could be up to your neck and shit where you stand
So, what’s your plans for tomorrow my angel
And when you look in the mirror, we are a smile
Then sit and meditate and set your intentions
Because brain training is like retraining a child

(c) Giggles the Poet
August 15, 2020

Nothing is ever too late just decide where you’re going to start, I love you my angels and I’m always here for you. I put together this audio collection that is inspirational and eye opening for the soul and mind….listen daily…and quiet the mind……YOU ARE IN CONTROL


TAKE BACK YOUR MIND https://www.barrygoldsteinmusic.com/free-downloads/


download and listen to this as much as you can to get that connection between your mind and heart going….it’s the only way to settle the chaos of thoughts and actions we do without thinking…….IT’S A TOUGH JOB THINKING ABOUT THINKING, but it pays off in the end….healing begins from within….and

you can’ tf ix a problem with the brain that created it…..

Hey leave me a comment….tips on how I might make this my masterpiece for sharing God’s perceptions. If it wasn’t for me listening to audios that are layered with different technologies for my specific ailments….which are receeding faster than Moses parting the seas…..but, I’ve been in serious training for almost 40 days, including the good Lord sharing more poems than I can keep up with….lol I am blessed that I have a reason to stay and rebuild my world without the toxins that kept me in a maze….

So, WHAT, we are all MENTAL on different levels for a reason….that is from the past conditioning…..you can change that conditioning…by listening……and a ritual I can share with you….it’s a lifetime change on THINKING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR THINKING

God has led me to resources, and I’m a library bursting with RESOURCES, SOUNDS, AND EMPOWERMENT….

I’m just getting started and well, being on Workers Compensation Disability……my dream is to get off that corrupt system, take it down, or change how it’s run…..and I know the poetry God shares, the programs I can make for specific people’s issues has finally put me on a path of REDEMPTION, FORGIVINESS, POWER AND EMPOWERMENT

God gave me this mission……and DEATH WILL HAVE TO WAIT


My previous designer had a place for Ebooks and a place to subscribe…….anyone help me with that one…..I would rather offer my next series of MIND MANAGEMENT POETRY AND PERSPECTIVES on this site. The publishers don’t want to print the truth…and well…I lived it…..and there is FREEDOM OF SPEECH…..ESPECIALLY IN THE FACE OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND MEDICAL IGNORANCE…..AS WITH MY CASE

But, that will be cleared up as I keep going……thank you for your support…..when I can help you….then my job is done 🙂

I love you


Giggles the Poet – Counsellor/Empowerment Coach
647-298-3587 send me a text and we can talk about a new journey 🙂

And the sounds of these awesome audios will change your brain completely


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