Hello, my angels, I hope you woke inspired and smiling today 🙂

Well the Lord got me up early and I’m glad, I have to deal with a nightmare computer that a tech made a mess of yesterday. I needed help with one drive and he erased things he should not have…..especially courses that were in my Microsoft collections…and things I want to share….

So, I’ve been patiently doing some tweeks….but I still can’t get edge collections back, or my history….I can’t see my pictures when I want to upload or look at them….and one one drive there is an xwith a picture or doc.…..

drive started syncing 38, 840 files… HUH….so, I had to stop…and delete the beast, as I couldn’t get anything to open on my desktop computer….lol Any ideas, always open to suggestion before losing my mind…. 🙂

Thank God, he keeps me creatively looking for solutions…..but, it pisses me off the time that was wasted and what he did was so wrong….even deleting my subscription Microsoft 365 office programs……where all my work is in areas I know…now I see nothing….that’s ok…..a new challenge to keep me busy today

I’m a collector…..of RESOURCES lol SELF DEVELOPMENT -TRAINING ETC…. so I have 400 gb with duplicates as well to conquer lol seems one drive really made a mess… I have more learning to do…..

Plus, I’m trying to put my books of poetry together and God keeps me writing as well…lol I need two of me…..or an assistant….I have some beautiful words to share with the world that God always shares with me to give me a new perspective….

Happy Tuesday, my angels



Make the most of how you live 
Don’t just take, but learn to give
Don’t be judgmental, don’t be cross 
Reach out to help those that are lost

Angel, make the most of every breath
Learn from living not from death 
You can rise above the feasting greed 
And lead to help others to succeed

Make the most of each new sunrise 
Just be yourself, without disguise
Have faith and trust in each tiny step
And what you reach for you will get

(c) Giggles the Poet



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