I am back to stay so, no matter what you do
Angels, I will always rise from the ashes And as I stake a claim to this life I will shake the debris from my body Knowing I am protected and guided by God day and night Angel’s, This time, I am coming back to stay so, no matter what you do Remember, we are all God’s fearless WARRIOR’S And we won’t go down down easily Like a willow tree we will stand tall and strong Against any future challenges we know we will meet Angels, God put us here for a reason So, have you figured that part out yet? Because we can either live our lives to the fullest Or, my Angel’s, we can leave our life and this world with regrets Lord, I am ready to complete my mission And with my paper and pen in hand I will help your Angel’s rewrite their stories And I will mend as many minds and I cantheir Lord, you gave me a wonderful mission             And it’s one I take on with pride                  .         I will help heal your beautiful angels              And give them a reason to thrive (c) Giggles the Poet May 26, 2020 My Angel’s life is far too short to have regrets Life is not a dress rehearsal, and you do not get a second chance! So, take advantage of this time you have now, so, you don’t live with regrets or die with regrets Angel, before this pandemic arrived on our doorsteps, we said, ” I wish I had more time!” at some point in our lives. Well, my Angel you are given all the time in the world you want right now, so, I hope you’re taking advantage of every precious moment by exercising, taking a course, learning something new, reading a good book and taking great care of your body and mind retraining your brain by listening to magic for your mind…. music that will change your mind life It’s unfortunate that we have this pandemic to thank for all this time freedom. Even more unfortunate are the losses we’ve incurred, and my heart goes out to each and everyone who has lost a loved one. What do you do during the day? Would you like to do something different? Would you like to feel something different? Do you have any problems you would like to fix? You can’t fix a problem with the brain that created it..so lets create a new BRAIN A great quote to remember When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change AND THEY DO You never know how much time we have left so, my angels walk with love and light, and never stop learning… AMAKE YOUR MIND YOUR BITCH Love and hugs Giggles the Poet This is a link to my Facebook group it’s Advice and Healing links to free stuff. http://www.gigglespoet.com http://www.Facebook.com/Giggles63. gigglescounselling@gmail.com 647=298~3597 As an Empowerment Coach/Counsellor, I have great library of resources that will help you Empower yourself, and become the autonomous person. God put us lon this Earth. And as you learn, your family will learn and change as well. Don’t let anyone stand in your way I also have resources for children and teenagers to help them better Empower themselves and learn the many things we are not given to understand or learn in school My angel if you need to talk text me and I’ll get back to you if you need anything specific please don’t hesitate to contact me we will talk and we will talk My passion is helping you find yours

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