See beyond your vision

Angel, there’s a place no one will ever speak of
But it speaks through us in a way of its own
A place we will walk through many times in our lives
And when you go there, you must go there alone

From the land of illusions, you’ll awaken
And into a strange new world, 🌎 you’ll emerge
I bring with me new knowledge and new wisdom 🧘‍♀️ 
And a new voice that will finally be heard 😃 

In the land of illusions always remember
Repeat the past and you will feel all the pain
What is raw, you’ll renew, it’s the path you must take
To let go of illusions and start living again

What do you feel, what you’ll see, is what you left behind 
And this place has a you still locked in chains
All you need to do now, so the whole world will notice
Is to learn how to heal all of those shattered remains

Each ghost of illusion must be seen as a cancer
It will grow from within, close your eyes you will die
All these demons you hid from must now be woken 
To find the answers you seek, you must sort the truth from the lies

Angel, you must let go of anger, it’s not safe, it will blind you
Then take the place that you need, it is safe
You have to face what was broken and heal all the wounds 
In the land of illusions, just look for the gate

Who you were, is not what people will remember
What you teach will be spoken of long after you leave
While you are here let go of any illusions
So you’ll find answers to your purpose and reasons to succeed

© Giggles the Poet 

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