Lord, I thought I was finished with all my crying

Now I just feel a little numb

When I think of the darkness that came over me

I cry again for the things that I’ve done

February 10, I hit my lowest point in years
And as the hand of death reached for me

I gave in like a grateful child

Because in the darkness there was no light to see

I no longer wanted to care, or feel
I just wanted it all to end

The pain, silence and isolation

Have become my only friend

Like a zombie I opened a bottle of pills
And I put a hand full in my mouth

I couldn’t hear anything more in my mind

And I didn’t hear the good Lord shout

I sat down and wrote out my goodbye
And in my letter I said I was sorry

Feeling utterly alone in such silence

I shut down my mind and my worry

But it’s seems God still has other plans for me
And he refuse to take me home

He said child, we can fix this crisis

I love you and I will never leave you alone

When your mind is a little clearer
And when your heart has less of an ache

I will give you the strength, to move on my child

But now it’s the darkness that you must forsake

Trust me child you are not alone
So, dry those tears you still cry
I will watch over you closely from now on

So, you’ll never again want to give up and die

My child, for those that turned away from you
I will send more angels your way

So, sleep now child and all will be well

And when you wake tomorrow, you will be okay

(c) Giggles the Poet
February 15, 2020

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