A great Quote to remember

Men are Disturbed not by things but by the views which they take off of them…. When, therefore, we are hindered, or disturbed, or grieve

blame anyone but ourselves: That is, our own judgment.

WE REALLY NEED TO GET RID OF “BLAME” DO YOU REALLY HAVE TIME…..Love demand that we pick UP the pace.

You got that idea, you got the dream, Someone will look at you and be inspired. But you can do that in isolation……Or silence……And this is your choice Life is short If we count the months from Birth to the age of 99 years……What we used to call life expectancy, count the months from where you are now to the age of 99……May you live that long

Then comes the months that you spend complaining or blaming. I just found out the meaning of life for the 3rd time, and I will walk a truth that many don’t know

When people blame other people it is only because they haven’t taken. a deeper look within themselves…..Most challenging thing you face is challenging yourself….it will be the most rewording experience…..

It’ll open you up in ways that you never taught possible. In the past, you were never taught to think more was possible….. Nor, were you taught that possibility comes from within not outside, not from anybody else.

You came into this life alone and you will go out the same, so, you have to figure out what it is in between that will make you comfortable

Sometimes you have to find that out the hard way…. And if you have friends and family then they will gather around to give you the courage and strength to go on To see more…….

But if you don’t have that, my angel, you have God, Faith, strength and courage to rise every day. Amen Because you will break through . I did this weekend in a big way…. No one is judge……But God and no it jury, but God
Learn that no man is an island. Have compassion and love yourself more

No one is to blame for your past. No one is to blame for your future. You either move on or you don’t. That Is up to you?

How you start your day and the mindset you start your day with is an indication of how your day will go…. You always have a choice. So whatever you choose, choose not to blame anybody else.

It will do you no good if you hold on to the past, Except Ruin your future

No one is to blame for your past
And your future is whatever you choose
So start your day with a song in your heart
And you will chase away those Blues.

Tomorrow is never a promise
So, my angel start your day off right
Greet people with love and happiness
Carry no sword and don’t start a fight

Don’t repeat yesterday in your mind
Stop reminding yourself of what you’ve done
If you cannot put the past away
Then you’re the only one holding a loaded gun

When you inflict wounds on others
With each careless word you say
If you only remind them of the wrongs that they’ve done
Then you will drive that special person away

God gave you this special day, my Angel
And your life is how you make it
So, choose your words with greater care
Be a friend, be sincere. don’t fake it

How you decidec to treat another person
Will be entirely up to you

Start your day off right and you will see

The dreams you wish for will come true

(c) Giggles the Poet

God is great

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