This is a Medtronic Neurostimulator that malfunctioned causing me to be internally electrocuted electrocuted

The good Lord will give me courage for what I need to do
There are underlying reasons why I fight to get through
People are being maimed, lives are being destroyed
By Medtronic medical devices doctors treat like a toy

I’ve been shocked back to life by these stories
And I have been silent for far too long
The newspapers are finally gathering the facts
And I pray that these stories will help right these wrongs

I have a device that grew into my spine
Because it was forgotten for seven years
No one did anything when I cried out for help
And they said I exaggerated when they saw my tears

For thirty-five years I fought this medical madness alone 
God helped me keep diligent notes and I wrote poetry 
And for thirty-five long years my losses accumulated
As the Worker’s Compensation board tried to crucify me

Let it be known that God watches over his angels 
And for those that turned their back’s and turned away
Remember I didn’t die but I came back to life
And I know, God will take care of restitution one day

Don’t lose hope my angels you’re alive for a reason
And as we gather with our stories and show them our scars
God will help us heal so we can go forward
And put an end to this medical system that has so many flaws

(c) Giggles the Poet 
December 4, 2018


I contacted the lawyers that are doing a class action lawsuit against Medtronic,  and was told, because this machine that has grown into my spine isn’t a pacemaker they won’t do anything???  OMG….I’m the only one with this in the thoracic area….as far as I know….and maybe if they add mine to the stories that are showing up, more may come forward.  

To know that I will get no justice for what has been done to me and my life and with the evidence of how my human rights were violated by both the medical doctors and the Workers Compensation makes me angry. But, I won’t stop telling this story and God will see that restitution is found….

I was told the same thing in 2009 when they had a class action suite against Medtronic….it shouldn’t matter where the device is or what type of device, it’s still a machine that Medtronic owns and it almost killed me and it took me out of new jobs, ruining my life!!   All I can say is WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS???

My angels, never give up, no matter who you’re facing, because God is on your side and those that maim you further will pay the price when they meet my maker….


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