a letter to myself

Hello my beautiful angels how are you thinking today? Well today was like no other, I actually was taught how to rebuild my website and I am very proud of the help that WordPress gave me and the knowledge I gained in the last 8 hours LOL

So now I started my website on a new note Literally LOL.  Another gift of knowledge.
I am exhausted but, God always keep talking so I have to keep Writing And that is what’s keeping me alive
No matter what the circumstances at the end of the day I will always go to bed with a smile on my face and several new poems for books ready to be  Shown to the world… 🕯🕯It’s my candle in the darkness

It won’t always be a lonely journey
Just be patient because as you grow
Your brain will start evolving
And you’ll know more than you thought you would know

God will always fill the silence
And he will provide you with a path
Stop feeling your head with negative voices
And make peace with the world when you go to bed

Don’t feel lost and lonely child
Are the comforting words you will hear
In your mind you’ll know your truth
So, push aside those doubts and fears

Angel, remember everyday that you awake
You have a mission to complete
You came here alone and you will leave the same way
So, make your mark and stand proud on your feet

(c) Giggles the Poet
January 31, 2020


Thank you lord for a beautiful day

Every day is a new day and every second is precious

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