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Hello, my angels,

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FREE TRAINING-Follow these 6 steps to rewire your brain for success

Love and hugs

Giggles the Poet

Why willpower won’t work for weight loss – and what to try instead…

Hello my angels,
Everyone thinks that willpower is the big secret behind reaching your health and weight loss goals.
We tell ourselves stories like:
“If I was only a little more disciplined… if I could only hold out a little longer… if only I was stronger…”
Thinking like this makes you angry at yourself. It burns you out and over time… you start to lose hope.
But the truth is, losing weight, becoming healthy again, and feeling amazing don’t come from having more willpower.
The kind of change you’re seeking comes from changing the way you see yourself. It comes from changing your internal self image. And it comes from changing your thoughts, beliefs and habits.
After all… if losing weight and keeping it off were as simple as just diet and exercise, wouldn’t everyone already be skinny?
Here’s what you should try instead…
John Assaraf, New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of NeuroGym, just released a brand new, challenge called…
The Love Your Body Jumpstart Challenge
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The secret to training your brain for long lasting success and release any feelings of failure you might have experienced in the past.
The truth about nutrition and your own self-image (this is why specific diet and exercises programs might not matter as much as you think.)
How to shift your brain into automatic healthy habit mode – where making the right decisions for your health becomes easy, effortless and fun.
Even if you’ve lost hope, and have felt like giving up… I really think this could change everything for you.
You’d be amazed at what can happen in your life when your brain starts working FOR you instead of against you.
This challenge could be the missing piece of the puzzle that leads you toward lasting weight loss success.
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Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet

PRINCESS RIP – 2000 – 2017



As your tiny heartbeat grew silent

And life’s light left your beautiful eyes

We knew in our hearts; God has a new journey

And as we held you close I said a special good-bye

All your love little Princess will surround us

And as God’s hand wipes away our tears

I know that he needs you to fill some special purpose

My angel, I will let you go; with our love and prayers

Today, God’s Angels, came down and brought you back home

Know, I’ll always remember seventeen beautiful years

You filled my daily isolation, and there was no more silence

Because your antics, helped me feel such boundless love without fear

I know you’ll find the power to visit our dreams

In time bring us peace to fill up this empty space

I visit you daily, talk and just cry

I miss holding you and seeing your tiny face

Princess, as the sun shines on the day of your passing

It sheds light on your unique life

I buried you in my backyard

And I speak with you morning and night

Know little Princess, you will always be here

And your spirit will push us further along

You had a beautiful life, you were always protected

Now, it’s me who needs to find a place where I belong…

© Giggles the Poet

R.I.P. September 14, 2017,

This beautiful little fur ball was with me for seventeen years.  And was there each time I wrote a new poem.  She would always sit next to the keyboard, keeping me company, filling my isolation and silent world with such unconditional love.


She is missed dearly, but I know I will see her again.  My first book “GIVE ME A SECOND” will always be a reminder that she was there at the beginning and at the end.  I am grateful for all the time God gave us to spend together.





This is so true. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve been up and down and through the wringer, if it wasn’t for God pushing me….speaking poetry, helping me through these painful times I don’t know where I’d be….maybe a babbling maniac….lol I CAN’T AND I won’t’ GIVE UP OR GIVE IN TO THIS NEW PAIN MONSTER….

Writing is the only thread that I’m hanging onto right now…..I WILL WIN!!!!


Dear Lord, I feel so lost today
Dealing with this broken vertebra
I’ve spent thirty-five years trying to control my pain
Now this broken bone is driving me insane

I’m usually stronger, but I’m losing my spirit
I can barely move anymore and medications won’t clear it
I try every day, to keep going on
But this broken vertebra won’t’ heal and it’s taking so long

I’m back in a world of pain, silence and isolation
Each day I would wake up with gratitude and anticipation
I help so many others get out when they’re stuck
But, this broken bone is leaving me in such a rut

Dear Lord, help me heal, help me hold on to my faith
I fear I’ll return to the previous world that I hate
Where I’ll become an experimental pawn in medical madness
Having this fear is causing me so much sadness

It seems the noose on my neck gets tighter each day
And I feel my motivation, my spirit and my dreams slip away
A prison of pain is all that I’ve known
But I freed myself out before, as I’ve learned and I’ve grown

Dear Lord, I need you now to speak louder and clear
Help me regain my momentum, my excitement, my flair
All the tools and techniques are not making a dent in this pain
And Lord, I fear that this new pain will drive me insane…..

(c) Giggles the Poet
August 17, 2018

I usually don’t talk about my serious problems, but I can’t deny this anymore, or pretend that I’m not frightened by what’s been happening in my body since this vertebra broke over six months ago. I keep trying to push past the pain daily, but it comes back like a monster that won’t leave me in peace.

It’s taken me thirty-five years to learn how to control the nerve damage, “complex regional pain syndrome” after I was misdiagnosed in 1985. And I was on top, on my game, and so proud that I found a way to conquer the daily nerve pain, Fibromyalgia and destruction that was caused by a broken rib everyone misdiagnosed as “rhomboid muscle strain, or PSTD.”

A broken bone is far different than muscle problems…..and now, I’m back to where I fought so hard to get out of “MEDICAL MADNESS” isolation and silence…Lord, help me out again……


Love and hugs my angels
Giggles the Poet



Hello angels, I hope you had an inspiring day!!! God kept me busy in between training today and I wrote 10 poems….another book to put together… help mend the minds of my angels…

A great quote

Formal education will make you a living……Self-education will make you rich! If you don’t do it for you….do it for your family…

If you’re not willing to risk the unusual….you will have to settle for the ordinary…

I will NEVER SETTLE…..Say that affirmation daily and feel your power…



My Angels set your intentions for this beautiful day
Don’t let negativity take you away
Power is yours, but first, you must choose
Will you show up for yourself, or will you continue to lose?

Don’t make resolutions you don’t plan to keep
Stop your robotic behaviour, wake up from that sleep
Time is just passing, and what have you done
If you don’t set your intentions, then the devil has won

Don’t make any more false promises, to your own self be true
God gave you a great mind, it knows what to do
But, it’s full of confusion, chaos, and fear
You’ll always see something different, and keep saying life isn’t fair

So, today set your intentions, tell yourself the truth
You can’t change the past, or get back your youth
But, you can train your mind to always see something more
And when you set your intentions, be ready to open that door…

(c) Giggles the Poet
November 7, 2017
3:29 p.m.


Be kind to your mind
My Angels, I help you do the work



You have not lived until you die
Your place is not to question why
My friends, look ahead, don’t look behind
Pay close attention to the wandering mind

You have a gift deep within you
To share peace, and love for all you do
Take all your doubts, and file them away
And, make a promise yourself, that you’ll dream big today

This year will close, and when it comes to an end
Dear heart, with that, a New Year will begin
Look deep within, find your own muse
Promise yourself, you’ll change, you’ll choose

Build each New Year, plant goals, plant seeds
And know you too, deserve your dreams
My friends, live, love, learn from today
And your life, your dreams will never go astray…..

 © Giggles the Poet
December 11, 2014
4:00-4:01 pm.

Angels, may you all have a GREAT LIFE JOURNEY:)

Never think you can’t….because you can.  Take control of your mind and awareness Don’t’ let your mind control you……