Lord, I am out of the darkness
I’m finally out of their jail
I have a forcefield around me
And I can smile when I fail

We have a talk every morning
Throughout the day, and at night
You’ve shown me my true powers
And gave me a second sight

Lord, I wouldn’t have made it this far
If it wasn’t for my faith in you
I’m slowly getting back into society
Because I have a mission to do

Lord, this is a time for rejoicing
I beat the devil at his game
Now as I’m going forward
I’ll be remembered by a new name

I vibrate with passion
And as I wipe the slate clean
I can look at my vision of tomorrow
And know I’m creating  my dream

© Giggles the Poet
November 12, 2017
8:00 a.m.

Hello my angels, remember, no matter where you are right now, what you’re doing, you can always do, see and prove more.

Don’t stay trapped in the darkness.  I finally broke free of my mind, and got out of my way, when I stopped the FEARS, DOUBTS, WORRIES…that were planted by experiences and society…..

There is a better way and I can help you get more, be more and see the beautiful soul that God put on this planet.  We all have a mission, sometimes we don’t really know what that mission is, but, when you get a non-judgmental person to hear you, you can uncover the blocks that are unknowingly keeping you from your soul’s greatest expression.

I made it, my angel, and so can you.  It wasn’t easy, up against doctor’s, ignorance and pain…..and I’ve conquered my pain, as well as learned to EMPOWER my MIND, erasing fears, and building a greater brain, and spirit than I I ever knew….

I’m here if you need……I have resources and training that will help you STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS.  And express the beautiful soul and your dreams the way they should be….without limits, without doubts and without your brain getting in the way.


Hello my angels, thank you for stopping by and reading my poetry.  I just wanted to share this message today to give you hope that we’ll see changes in the New Year with WSIB…




God said this is the first day of the rest of my beautiful life
And he has been holding my hand, as I pulled out the last of their knives
After thirty-four years of silence, through all their challenging tests
God helped me rebuild, now my soul is stronger and now I’m back to clear up their mess

I speak of knives that doctor’s and Adjudicator’s planted thirty-four years ago
Written reports they will never admit to, but I still have the facts to show
They took away my rights, my children and I lost my freedom
Now, I am coming back with documented truths to prove what they have done

I am finally awakening, and I thank the Lord for being by my side
You saved me from two electrocutions that the WSIB continues to hide
While God keeps me breathing I still see changes that desperately need to be made
We cannot remain silent any longer, watching as all our dreams fade

I hid in silence, walked in darkness, and then I found a stronger voice
I shed many tears and saw only losses, not knowing I had a choice
If I go down, the truth stays hidden; and many more angels will be maimed
For those that need a stronger voice, it’s here, dear Lord, that I’ll remain

I will clear up my forgotten issues, by showing facts in my WSIB file
I chose not to be the next victim, and I no longer pray to die
The depression has finally lifted, and dear Father, I’m ready to fight
And it’s for my lost children, for retribution, I bring these tragic facts to light

Lord, you’re holding my hand tighter and with each breath, I breathe in faith
You have given me knowledge and power and I no longer let them take
Injured workers live in a concentration camp, we are a number, we have no rights
This is a system that is supposed to protect us, but instead, they are taking away our life

I am coming back my angels, I will become like a lioness
As I move with greater dignity, I’ll show the world this criminal mess
God knows, karma will come for those people that are on my thirty-four-year list
So, be prepared for great disruption and meet the human being you second-guessed

Doctors only caused me further injuries, and WSIB degraded me in their jail
I was crucified for being misdiagnosed, called a liar and walked on a path of nails
So, mark my words, my angels, because we can be the next tsunami
And we will create a justified system that helps us heal and gives us back our dignity

© Giggles the Poet 
December 7, 2017
10:00 a.m.

I have been on Workers Compensation Disability for the last 34 years, receiving a wage of $6, despite going back to work and making more money.  If it wasn’t for the medical devices bringing me down, electrocuting me, I would still be out there working.

But, I can’t work outside my home, and Workers Compensation doesn’t care that we are sent into poverty because of their decisions.  Too many things are being ignored, have been ignored and the crimes they continue to commit have to stop.

I was a victim of circumstances, not a victim….and I have changed those circumstances…I no longer remain silent, or fearful God gave me a voice, I’m empowered and that is now their reality.