being happy


Lord, each day I’m blessed by these brave souls in my life
We are all on a new journey to eliminate subconscious strife
And we each give support to those who need it the most
Because we are blessed with the spirit of the divine holy ghost

Lord, I’m so thankful, I’m so grateful and I’m winning the game
And I’m teaching these beautiful angels how to reframe
Each day that they’re changing their internal dictionary
They’re opening their spirits and setting themselves free

Each day we are in training to change our internal monolog
We are changing the chaos that caused a lifetime of brain fog
As we all do our homework, we become the guards of our mind
And the more that we learn, the more open gates we will find

Lord, I thank you for these angels, for these blessings and my voice
I thank you for keeping me alive, for your guidance and for giving me a choice
Because as my angels have me smiling, they all make me so proud
When they gave me permission to help remove the doubts, fear and internal cloud

Of anxiety and depression and crap that follows them on their journey
That they think took away their successes leaving them lost and yearning
Lord, you gave me a mission to create a better place for your children
To help them become better thinkers, stronger faith, and better women and men

Angels, the future is changing fast and we must do the same
When you wake every morning, do you know the price you’re paying
Will you leave your mind in the past, or will you give yourself a chance?
Commit to taking care of your mind, I’ll teach you how to make your soul dance

You are making a lifetime commitment to making your dreams come true
But my angel each day, the action and progress are up to you
I have faith you can do this, as I have seen many people grow
So, look at yourself in the mirror and for one last time ask “where will I go?”

When I see the changes that are happening today
I know there’s nothing on this earth that will ever block our way
Angels, change will lead us to glory, faith, and a new path
Learn to win the game of fear my angel and you’ll eliminate worry and wrath…

(c) Giggles the Poet
March 13, 2017
6:37 p.m.

Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet


I didn’t think I would ever get my mind back…after being electrocuted internally twice from a medical Neurotransmitter I had on my spine to control pain I feel a new awakening each day….it was a constant thought in my mind… was only a few months ago that all I thought about all I wanted to do was die…..isolation, pain, and silence ruled my world for 32 years….

Now, things are changing.  I may not get back the memories I lost, but I can rebuild new ones and I am rebuilding my life again from the inside out and most of all I can make new friends and know that I won’t be forgotten by society again…

Now each day I thank God for not giving up on me for making me a poet and for keeping me breathing.  One day I will be with my kids in heaven but until then….they are safe and so am I.  I am blessed with each breath and my mind is alive.  Death will just have to wait..

I made this video a few months back, it describes the traumas and medical madness.  I don’t want anyone to ever live through.  And the more we speak up, speak out we unite…..

 So, angels, healing is possible and even better than before, because now we have Neuroscience and you don’t have to get stuck in the story of the past, you can change your brain,  to see a whole new story and understanding…..

I have come a long way from 1985, and medical madness no longer reigns in my new world. I broke my silence and ended the war…..

Thank you all for your reviews.I’m blessed to have such a world of connections….
Giggles the poet….

May you all have a great life and mind journey.  That choice is up to you 🙂

Four Step Process for Dealing With Your CRAP (Conflicts, Resistance, Anxiety & other Problems)

1. Identify the thoughts, fears & feelings that are causing self-doubt or anxiety.
2. Reframe with more accurate statement
3. Release – write it on CRAP board, reframe, take deep breaths, relax and release.
4. Retrain your brain frequency music, binaural beats, affirmations, journaling, goals and meditation/exercise….mind-body balance….

Build new neural patterns based on new fantasies (confidence/trust) to disrupt and replace your CRAP. • The four-step process requires that you enter a state of deep relaxation with awareness in the present moment. (Mindfulness)

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