Lord, I have crawled through life on bloody knees
I’ve reached for dreams and failed
My mind was dark, my body broken
By someone else’s nails

I climbed back out of purgatory
And made isolation my home
I learned to stand and think a thought or two
I learned to crawl through life on faith alone

About my lot in life, I think
That when I recognized my flaws
I ended all my strife it seems
By breaking societies laws

My mind is mending and I as I too
Take my place on this beautiful earth
I can say I’ve learned, the greatest lessons of life
And I have witnessed a whole new rebirth

I have no excuses and changed the story
You need not know my past
God gave me the courage to face life without fear
And ride each challenging tiger that comes into my grasp…..

© Giggles the Poet
September 26, 2016
10:35-10:37 p.m.

We go through great transformations through each struggle that makes us wiser and with wisdom, we control our destiny…….

Be kind to your minds angels, let the past go and know that you are a stronger, more courageous person for being here, now you can tell a new story….

Make your mind your bitch and you’ll create a life that you’ve only dreamed of and dreams do come true angel. Believe, walk with faith……

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