God is always by our side and I know that going forward I will make a Roar and change many things for Injured Workers God bless you my angels a new poem from God



An angel speaks to me each night
Saying things will be fine, you will be alright
You may not know right now, what you should do
But remember, God is here watching over you

Don’t let the fear your feeling take full reign
The darkness will leave, when the sun shines again
Don’t give in, and don’t give up
You can still find peace in what others disrupt

Let it go, my angel, you’ll be fine
Remember, God is with you all of the time
If you are in doubt, take a look in the mirror
When you see your beauty, you’ll see God’s truth that much clearer

Let it all go, my angel and when you wake in the morning
The sun will be shining its rays will be warming
Talk yourself down from anxiety and regret
God has kept you alive and there’s more he’ll expect

Close your eyes sweet angel and give thanks and praise
You will see new stars as you go through your days
Remember, my angel that without a doubt
Just keep training your brain and you’ll wipe all fears out

(c) Giggles the Poet
August 9, 2017
10:48_10:50 p.m.

  No, that no matter what life throws at you my angels, know that you have the courage and the strength and the diligence as well as willpower to see it through when you feel the fear do it anyway and remember that fear really means

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