1 brenda hello magazine with book


Give me a second if only to teach
Feel what I’m saying, hear what I preach
Read through these pages, look and you’ll see
That these issues concern all of us, not only me

Give me a second, reach out your hand
Smile and be grateful, do all you can
The world’s made up of strangers, who will become friends
Together, we can build a strong community, help the world mend

Give me a second and keep an open mind
For the topics that are written, come from patterns and crimes
My friends who stand beside me, reach out give me your hand
We can change this corrupt system when we all rise up and take a stand

Feel the verses and know what I say
For the atrocities we face daily, will not go away
Give me a second, and remember each line
We can change the impossible. because God gives us time…


For each loss, a beautiful poem was created, giving me hope, a new perspective and inspiration to know I am stronger than the crimes that were committed….

We can change the way doctors see us….and treat us.  We can change the way this corrupt Workers Compensation system sends injured workers into poverty and depression, destroying families and so many lives.  We deserve to be seen and heard, not silenced by chemicals and destruction….

We are the co-creator of our lives and with God standing beside us clearing the path….we will break our silence, find a stronger voice….and change our destinies…

When you change the way you look at things….the things you look at change…..

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