Hello, FB_IMG_1452207071408Angels, I haven’t done this before, but I figure I have this beautiful opportunity to invite you all on a wonderful journey with me of the mind, body, spirit.   And you will get to a place of knowing why you are truly here and what mission you are to complete.  What do you truly want?  What is your WHY?

You are here to do this not alone, but with many.

I may stand alone, but 10, 0000 or more stand with me!


I’m coming to realize that our daily bread is what we are feeding our body and brain.  We need to see what we are feeding ourselves….our thoughts, and our bodies.

Start laughing daily because you’ll change the state of your mind and it’s great for clarity and say, I‘m grateful for this day, despite it all. 

I have used a lot of means to help me get to where I am today and get me through life challenges.  I have been blessed with a new power of mind and the universe guides me.  Angels, when you are aligned with the universe you are balanced and your inner compass will show you the way…..

Try to focus on what really is worthwhile in your life and what you need to do to set things right, or let go of.  The funny thing about growing is just that GROWING it’s nurturing from within.  And when you nurture yourself, you will change.  And you’ll need to remember things will still the same in the world, others will still be the same, but, it’s you that changed, not the world.  And when you step out as a warrior, you will help others change.

The world is still doing the same things, so don’t be hard on yourself if you notice things that you’ve tolerated, but you’ll no longer tolerate.  Your relationships will change, don’t be surprised that you won’t keep all the people you know now….because as you change, it will happen, as you grow, other’s will leave.

The cycle of life SUCKS…but, it’s an ever-changing cycle.  Experiences are supposed to come to us and go through us., but many times we are blocked and the experiences stay with us and within us, known as baggage.  We can’t grow holding on to bad experiences as we grow up without realizing it.  We were taught many things as children, but we’ve never been taught how to think for ourselves, and we were never taught how to let go.  We’ve never been taught LIFE TOOLS. 

And we follow the herd, silently, or we walk around angry playing the blame game.  Nobody wins being angry, nobody wins when we are energetically blocked.

When you grow and begin to be your authentic self, we are empowered.  Life is not in charge anymore, we are.  And we let experiences and life flow through us.  We flow and give off a bigger vibration that brings great things our way.

Don’t let your thinking get sidetracked by your emotions, getting sidetracked is a choice, I know I’ve been sidetracked all my life, feeling incomplete, lost, alone, being abused, but several years ago, I found a way to retrain my brain and my life began to change. 

Today, I am no longer a victim of circumstances, I have changed those circumstances.  I’m no longer living the story life threw in my face, I healed my mind and spirit and I’m rewriting my future….and I can show you how. 

You can stop being over-extended to the point you’re not effective in any one area of your life.  Your intuition is strong, you are stronger than you think my angel. Pay attention and argue with yourself and challenge your thoughts!  Get rid of what doesn’t serve you.

 Each day gets shorter and shorter, as does, TIME, SELF-CARE, ATTENTION, AND IT’S LIFE’S PRECIOUS MOMENTS WE’RE MISSING….

Start a C.R.A.P. journal, (CONFUSION, REGRETS, ANGER, PAIN.)   Writing down the fear, overwhelm and crap that your feeling brings clarity and clears it out from within.  When you feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed it’s because of the thoughts that are running rampant in your mind….it makes you tired and hurts your heart…

Angels, each morning/night remember 5 things (or more) that you are grateful for this day.  Put a notebook by your bed and keep track of your gratitude, your GOALS/DREAMS, and thinking.  You will find that a great many things will change WITH CLARITY.


Lord, I am making all these new changes
here are fires and passion in my soul
I’m too young and alive to be dying
Behind thee four walls, where I grew the most

As I grow, I will need understanding
Because my mind works differently than yours
I am rising above all the past labels
I have a mission, God set my course

I’ve been feeling lost and alone for too many years
And only I can change my destiny
I have the knowledge, growth, skills, and resources
There’s no longer a volunteer victim inside of me

Lord, I’m healing and erasing the labels
You are teaching me POWER AND GRACE
I know I have a greater passion for life this time around
And I smile knowing that I’m still part of the beautiful human race

I have been waiting for thirty-four years for this moment
When I finally take my place back in society
There’ll be no more chaos, now I have a true vision
And there’s a wealth of knowledge for me yet to see

I know I need your support and your guidance
I’ll commit and do the work for me
I carry no more judgment, shame or dishonor
And I’ll expect the same from the people I meet

We are all here to help each other keep growing
There is something far greater in each fellowman
We are here to teach our children, to grow and dream bigger
As we all continue learning who we are and where we stand…..

© Giggles the Poet
October 28, 2017


Aww…and this was my reading for my PERSONAL DAY

My angels, when you train your mind, suddenly matters that confused and troubled you become crystal clear.  Take advantage of this insight and trust your intuition. Express your artistic tendencies.  You may have a great novel or ingenious invention inside you: today is a good time to let some of that latent creativity show. You can rewrite your story….

Give yourself daily TLC and postpone all but the most vital chores so that you can fully focus on your visions of the possible.  Share your inspired and inspiring thoughts with others. 

Speak up, Speak out!  Your inner radiance will illuminate the lives of everyone you see.  The progress you make will be valuable not for the mental and spiritual gain it brings you, but rather in terms of how well it prepares you to handle tomorrow’s challenges.

Angels, I hope you find many reasons to smile throughout the day, despite it all, and despite whatever may be going on in your life right now, be proud of who you are and know you can STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS.   Take stock and strategize life is too short to want, need, miss, or feel negative.

You are beautiful, strong and courageous if you made it this far, then you are meant to go and grow further.  Changing will make you feel uncomfortable, but that only lasts a little while, others won’t like it, but you are here to do the work for you, not for them.  And as long as you’re living with PURPOSE, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY, things will change for the better.  Whenever life hits you in the face with troubles, that’s God’s way of saying change course, you are heading in the wrong direction.  Tell others your story to EMPOWER, then rewrite your ending….


Thoughts                                                          Dreams

Feelings                                                          Believe in your path

Environment                                                 Trust your instincts

Job                                                                  Find your true passion

Travel                                                             Complete your bucket list

Explore                                                           Who you are, and WHAT you want

People                                                             Where you live

What you think at any given moment     Who you become/want to be


CHALLENGE YOUR THOUGHTS then you will see the solutions. 

Music for gratitude  

SUBLIMINAL RECORDING FOR EMPOWERMENT.  Download to your phone and listen as many time as you feel overwhelmed or stressed, uncertain, or just need a pick me up.  It’s sure to take you out of the focus of negativity, helping you make a mental shift.

Be Kind To Your Mind 

Affirmations to help you improve your mind and relationships


Repeat affirmations daily, the more you change your internal dialogue and negative words, the better you change your brainwaves and the subconscious state overall. We have to reprogram our patterns and make new representations to what your negative minds have believed all these years.  Your mind will run on autopilot until you take command.  

Your subconscious makes the decisions based on past decisions and that is not always right, or good.  Do you know that your subconscious doesn’t know the truth from a lie?  And you have the power to trick your subconscious into believing whatever YOU TELL IT.

if you THINK that you will never do any better, then your subsconscious will believe that and keep that on file, and when you try to do something different, it will come back with that echo…and suddenly what you wanted to try, is interrupted by doubt, fear and you won’t do any better, because you’ll stop yourself.  You aren’t always aware of this, but you can be.   AWARENESS is key.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so give yourself a break and don’t be judgemental or criticize when you decide to change your thinking.  The object of this is to have your mind “Automatically” repeat positive things to the negative stuff that comes up in life and in your mind and eventually, the positive feelings and thinking will be automatic.


  • I believe I can do anything I put my mind too
  • I cherish the relationships I have
  • I am thankful for the great relationships I have had in my life
  • I am grateful for the new relationships that are showing up
  • I find it easy to love and support others
  • I naturally find ways to be thankful for the good I see in others
  • It’s easy for me to see the good in people
  • I am naturally compassionate and caring
  • I wake up every morning feeling gratitude for the people that are in my life
  • Several times a day, I take time to give thanks for the people in my life
  • I make good decisions regarding relationships
  • All limiting beliefs about relationships are melting away
  • Each day, my confidence is growing
  • Each day, my relationships are improving
  • I instantly know how to improve my relationships upon awakening each day
  • I find it easy to solve problems and resolve conflicts
  • I naturally say the right things to improve my relationships
  • I am naturally feeling the right feelings to attract the relationships I desire
  • I find it easy to meet other people’s needs when it is appropriate
  • I am a good listener
  • My energy attracts the relationships that I desire
  • I am attractive in many different ways
  • I am important, relevant in this world and I have purpose
  • I naturally attract loving and supporting relationships
  • I feel great joy when I see healthy and loving relationships
  • I celebrate other people’s healthy relationships
  • I attract relationships that allow me to grow
  • I welcome relationships that remind me of my strengths and beauty
  • I easily let go of relationships that do not support my highest and best
  • I am clear on my purpose, passion and I get to recreate my world
  • Naturally, my mind is calm and relaxed
  • My intuition grows with each day
  • My energy easily transforms negativity to positivity
  • I am protected and surrounded by love and healing energy that grows each day
  • I celebrate each time my higher self-guides me in the right direction
  • I am naturally thankful for my psychic abilities right now
  • I am aware of how naturally intuitive I am
  • My capacity to modulate positivity grows each day
  • Positive energy flows through me with greater intensity each day
  • I remember to ask that my vibration increase every day
  • I focus on increasing my vibration several times a day
  • I naturally repel negativity without thought
  • I am grounded at all times
  • The earth supports and protects me
  • As I sleep and dream, I am given all the information I require to make good decisions
  • I find it easy to receive information from the universe
  • I am connected to infinite knowledge
  • I am important, relevant in this world and I have purpose
  • I use my abilities for good
  • I give thanks for my abilities every day
  • Upon awakening, I feel grounded and connected to infinite knowledge and wisdom
  • I am always connected and supported
  • It is easy to receive guidance
  • It is easy for me to know which steps to take
  • It is easy for me to discern the truth in any situation
  • I am grateful for my health
  • I remember that the more I give thanks for my health, the more my health increases
  • I am feeling healthy right now
  • I naturally receive healing energy from the earth and the universe
  • All limiting beliefs regarding health are melting away
  • I am healthy
  • My mind is healthy
  • My spirit is healthy
  • I feel healthy right now
  • I naturally make good decisions regarding my health
  • Healthy eating comes naturally
  • I remember to bless my food and drink with love and health
  • I am truly blessed with increasing health
  • I give thanks for my health
  • I remember to feel healthy several times every day
  • Upon awakening, I give thanks for my health
  • I find it easy to take positive action improving my health
  • I have a healthy and normal blood pressure
  • My arteries and veins are becoming even more healthy than the day before
  • My heart flows with healing energy
  • My digestive system is becoming even more healthy than it is now
  • My lungs are becoming even more healthy than they are now
  • I find it easy to command healing energy in my body
  • As I sleep and dream, my health is improving
  • I am now programmed for health and vitality
  • My body naturally remains healthy and vibrant
  • I instantly know what food choices are right for me
  • My organs are becoming even more healthy than they are right now
  • I celebrate the good health of others
  • My thyroid is becoming even more healthy then it is now
  • My hormonal system is balanced and functioning perfectly
  • I celebrate the phenomenal job my lymphatic system is performing
  • I am blessed by God’s faith in me and my faith in myself




Find new words for negative meanings.  Repeat them daily to change your mind patterns, you will eventually change your inner dialogue

EVERYTHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING RIGHT.  Let’s GET IT RIGHT FOR THE LAST TIME.  WE ONLY HAVE THESE PRECIOUS MOMENTS….and this precious life.  If you don’t clear up your crap in this life, you will repeat the same in the next life….until you get it and decide YOU ARE RUNNING THE SHOW.  Angel, you are in charge of your life and destiny.  Build a life by design….your way this time and teach the children that they too can do the same.  You reap what you sow….

Be kind to your mind


Love and hugs my Angels,

Giggles the Poet
October 28, 2017 6:00 PM


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