I’m FREE….

Hello my angels, just popping in to say I deeply immersed at the end of my book….and my publisher offered me a marketing package….at no charge….awesome……!!!! whoop whoop

Angels, I want you to believe in something better, in you, and for you ….if you learn and know what you want…and how to really think and make it happen…..

I’ve made a complete overhaul, waking with energy that helps me build a bigger mind and stronger soul and body. I feel like I’m picking up where I left off at twenty two….where my life changed exponentially…..forever

God has helped me over the last few years, being more diligent with his poetry, where sometimes the truth will be found….I have always written myself into a new life…..and this time it’s an extraordinary life…..I created by getting out of my own way and training my mind to know only peace, harmony and happiness…..sure, I’ll face more challenges, but, I get to choose how I see them…and what meaning is attached…

the changes I’ve seen, I make happen, and I challenge life like a lioness. Never backing down now from facts and fiction… has made me proud and awed for the spirit God kept protected even from me until I heard my mind, body heart……and I sat still without judement….what an incredible awakening… a new me……

watch this daily if you are stuck…confused, low in energy, watch it even if you don’t think you have any issues…..this will change your life in one hour…..

This too is worth everyone in your life’s attention–M

one hour of learning will change your mindset…and give you something more to focus on…….

If I can reverse the damages to my mind and body……free my body of toxins and overflow with gratitude for making it…….my angels, you can too free your mind and body …

Put both hands over your hearts and be still…calm the mind by taking in 3 deep breaths, blowing out heavily through the mouth….this calms your nervous system and gives you more energy and clarity to deal with your worries and doubts, problems.

You can’t fix a problem with the brain that created it. You can build a better brain and habits, daily ….who doesn’t want to “AGE BACKWARDS AND RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN.” MAKE YOUR MIND YOUR BITCH….SKILLS FOR PILLS… Your question is WHY? Do you think you don’t deserve to get rid of the crap in your mind….or the crap in your life…..remember this is your journey…and your life…..grow balls….lol…..Don’t just think any more on things you can’t change…start thinking about how to change what you caYou’ll have all the support you need on this awesome life journey…..

We are all brothers and sisters looking for the same thing….
Contribution-giving beyond yourself.

Tony is the greatest teacher for telling it as it is in a whole new way…..everything I learn daily from him, I write and grow and my soul is overflowing right now and I’m in training like Rocky….to strengthen and train further these brain programs….

Be kind to your mind
Love and hugs ]
Giggles the poet

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