Hello, Angels, I hope you all had a great day and were inspired by everything 🙂
Today was a very inspiring day, the more I am learning the more I feel myself come out of my isolation and shell…..and now I am aiming for higher dreams….I am now looking at building a non-profit Counselling & Consulting business…..and will be looking for a government grant to help me make that dream come true.
I have studied and amassed a great library of self-development over the last 10 years, and that is what I share to those in need…..I have too many resources, training and an array of magic that has helped me transform is still helping me transform my life…..and it is a new revolutionary way of taking care of number one….YOU…
And today I met with another friend to pitch going into business with me…and got luckier to realize that her boyfriend practically does the same things……and he is an author of amazing life skills….I could not be more blessed that I have found like-minded people that can help me make a new life and dreams possible……
It is never too late to dream, or rebuild a life….and I know God has kept mealie for this purpose…..and if I could pull through anyone can…..a non-profit would help me help more people and they won’t have to worry about having to spend a lot of money on their dreams……as long as you are committed….everything is possible….
When people resist change…. when they resist the truth. It’s only the uncertainty…..the FEAR of something different the unknown that keeps us fighting, keeps us stuck and held back by those subconscious limitations….
But …to believe and to know they can learn to tap into the mind in ways that you’ve never thought of ways that you’ve never conceived to have the power to control their thoughts and Feelings emotions. ..behaviors….. to be in control of everything that triggers you good or bad
It’s fear hold us back and you won’t recognize it because it’s been in you all your life.. you are programmed to think negatively to hesitate to be uncertain and to lack self-confidence when the unknown is in front of you……BUT
so true. …
Look at things differently and say different things other than the same old tired words….. you can energize your mind and body……pause and take a deep breath when you feel stress or pain…… you feel anything negative …. learn to take time out for yourself every day to do this until….
be one with your mind until that becomes automatic
You can change your Yourself by what you say….. and when you energize yourself why me words you energize your body and mind to take action
You can change your State of Mind, something I want to say in your mind to yourself
So many people seem to be afraid of change or maybe afraid of their own mind thinking that they can’t or won’t change
circumstances…. they don’t have the money or resources …… but you need only one and that is the resource and that it starts from within because as you grow stronger from within your confidence grows and your energy rules your actions increase and your motivations Skyrocket the answer is your WHY
Unless you have been committed and you try then you cannot say this won’t work for you…… Society has running in circles it’s time to slow the pace down and take care of yourself because, in the end, all you have is yourself. … and God
We are in a whole new era of change and it begins with the mind we are not a product of our past……hereditary won’t take those down unless we let it unless we follow the path that our parents follow and believed a subconscious excuse to go no further…
All it takes is one hour a day of training your brain and in less than a few weeks, you will notice a greater change in your life overall take the next step be brave and fight through the fear and win back You’re Beautiful Mind because you can change the world with every beautiful thought….
False evidence appearing real
Focus empowerment and resilience
Forget everything and run
Everything we see now we can change the meaning in our mind and changes the reaction and emotional triggers it’s an awesome experience when you can control your mind more each day your creativity Skyrockets…..
the Next Generation can learn from you on how they can become autonomous and successful lions powering themselves and learning SKILLS FOR PILLS and how to understand their beautiful mind….. is any better path to create and be more successful
You can’t just go to the gym and work out your body ……because without your mind your body will not stay in any shapes that you were trying to put it into.
if you give your body that time give you mind that time as well
Be kind to your mind
Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet
Reach for the Stars they’re closer than you think
SKILLS FOR PILLS  You can change your life, your mind and, your fate.
I have learned from a multitude of resources…..and as a client, you have access to those resources, unending learning, creativity, emotional balance and mental freedom to train your brain…..audios and brain games to increase your brain power… and recordings to help rewire your brain decreasing pain, depression, anxiety and an array of other physical problems….
I have a B.R.A.I.N. A program that with EMPOWER you to SUCCEED in every aspect of life….recordings, training that will help you succeed and move forward constantly…….be who you are supposed to be without limiting beliefs…….
A program geared like none other specific to a client both mentally and physically….reducing the need for medications, drugs that only harm the brain and body further…..
Your life journey is just beginning……and you will have resources available that will supercharge your passions and training in self-development that will help you succeed further at anything 🙂
Your support doesn’t end when a session is over, you will have continued support and resources you never dreamed possible…
…teach yourself then teach your children……pay it forward
When you are ready to see a whole new side to yourself and life… me at

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