You can always change your paradigms
By examining the thoughts in your beautiful mind
Then ask yourself what beliefs are truly your own
And from all that you know now, what beliefs have you outgrown?

Our paradigms come from a collection of old generational beliefs
Passed down through the history, so many patterns of generational defeats
What we were learning as we grew up came from someone else’s thoughts
Now you are an adult question which paradigms still have you tied up in knots

You must learn to ask yourself some hard truths, where do you want to be?
When you learn to reprogram your subconscious mind, you change your reality
Your mind opens new doors that other people shut down at birth
And you’ll set free the greatest mind that God gave you from the moment he placed you on earth

When you remove other people’s ideas and beliefs, you will feel a new consciousness
And each time that you think great thoughts my friends, you file away the old nonsense
Remember, it is you who now has the power, you can change the future game
When you open up that door to your mind, you will never think the same old paradigms again….

© Brenda Keough
   July 9, 2015
   8:00-8:02 p.m.



Our mind, it can be our greatest friend, or our worst enemy.  It can control us, or we can control it….we were never told to think, imagine, dream….we were told the opposite….Now IT’S TIME TO DREAM….

Change is not easy, believe me it’s an ongoing daily process that never ends, especially when up against the unknown…but life evolves and as we change we evolve as well….How well do you really know yourself?  Are you living your dreams, or are they still locked in your mind….

When you start looking inward the answers will come.  When you quiet the mind and control your thoughts…you can create a new scenario for any challenges…preplanned responses….instead of reactions…which are still our paradigms…

If you are struggling, then angel, sit and write it down.  Get it out of your head, then ask yourself questions, challenge anything negative by seeing and writing the opposite or solution to your challenges.  Until you know what it is your mind is dwelling, or thinking you won’t be able to work it out and it’s easy to get lost in the maze of the mind.

Knowledge is momentum, it ignites the spirit, renews your passions and you grow in ways you never thought possible…Walk with FAITH….God leads the way…

Thank you for reading my words.  If anything resonates with you , please leave me a comment….

I am here to help., and to find like-minded angels that want to do the same.  The more we reach out, share out stories, growth, successes the more we become connected 🙂






Angels, never grow tired of growing of learning
Never think you’re too old, or that it’s ever too late

Never turn away or hide your beautiful mind
Because what lies within you, is extraordinary and great

Pat yourself on the back every morning
And say nice things to yourself every day
Be mindful of the emotions you are thinking and feeling
Write out all the confusion, or it will lead you astray

Close your eyes and think for a moment
Smile and go forward without any fear
You made it this far and you are still winning

Someone out there is listening and they see and they care

Give thanks to God and the special people around you
Because they give you more reasons to stay
And always remember that we’re all in this together
Break your silence because changes will have to be made…

Brenda Keough
March 14, 2015

5:31 p.m.



Always remember that we do not have to fit in the box others want to put us in. Be mindful     and you will learn that you control life….It’s your world…make it count….