Lord, I am proud to be alive despite what my eyes may see
And each day I learn something new
I wade through the mud the confusion and thorns
And like a beautiful rose, I bloom

I will offer you no more excuses
As I offer God more lies
I cannot fool myself, nor unlearn what I’m learning
And if I only see clouds, then I can’t see the skies

That is showing me infinite beauty
And no matter how far I might reach
If the devil sits on my shoulder
Then I can’t see what the Lord has to teach

So, I’ll take a step back, not go backward
I will start at the beginning and say
This is my life and I will make the decisions
And no one will take my peace of mind, or my freedom away

I’m coming back and I’m like a tsunami
I vibrate on a whole different plane
And if you’d like to join in my mission
Be prepared for a wake-up call and don’t let God hear you complain….

Giggles the poet
November 4, 2017


I came up here to put a poem up and all of a sudden I started thinking of another one I am so blessed that God is always talking to me and giving me a new perspective it helps me break through the challenges that much easier and I do it with a smile on my face

Challenge yourself for one week to do something different to break out of your mind to break out of bad habits……to break free…

I can tell you that it can happen but only you can believe….. just know I walk a different road from within…


Be kind to your mind